Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Last Day Of Taping ABC's ALL MY CHILDREN: Soap Stars React on Twitter (Updated)

ALL MY CHILDREN is taping for the final time today as the show prepares to leave ABC on September 23. Actors from AMC and around daytime have tweeted today. We haven't seen any pictures from the set though (see tweet photo from Ricky Paull Goldin from this morning).

Here's a sample of the tweets on the last tape day of AMC's broadcast television run (updated Wednesday).

@Susan_Lucci (Susan Lucci): Last day of shooting here at AMC..doesn't seem real. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all our passionate viewers. Love you. Susan...

@AMCStephanie (Stephanie Gatschet): Spent an amazing day yesterday with friends that I love... Thank you #AMC, and thanks to our incredible fans for all the love and support :)

@L_Hartley (Lindsay Hartley): Such an intense and deeply emotional day in pine valley. We don't know what the future holds. We just have to keep the faith. Goodnight.

@TamaraBraun (Tamara Braun): #AllMyChildren thank you for the memories... In my heart. Xo @edenriegel thank you for making my time there beyond memorable. Love you. Xo

@lldubs (Laura Wright): All my Love and thought to the cast and crew of All My Children!!!

@rickygoldin (Ricky Paull Goldin): Hi live from the last day on the set of ALL MY CHILDREN!! Crazy emotional!!

@CJLeBlanc (Christian LeBlanc): Congratulations to the AMAZING cast and crew of ALL MY CHILDREN on your last day of shooting...Job well done!!!

@denisevasi (Denise Vasi): Bittersweet feelings as I start my last day in Pine Valley! Big girls don't cry... or @ least they try not to ☺

@NancyLeeGrahn (Nancy Lee Grahn): Thinking of "All My Children" cast, crew and production staff as they film last show today.........for now. Dear All My Children; here's hoping u dont rest in peace cause u cant kill what still has life in it. live on & strong u muther of all soaps. scientists agree (sorry republicans) u cant kill energy. AMC 45 yrs of energy. u can try 2 kill it but it'll just change form & resurface. AMC invented "coming back from the dead" bring it !

@knowjr (J.R. Martinez): The roller-coaster begins. Last night I was at the top w/ the #DWTS announcement & today I'm riding down w/ the ending of #AMC #HighsandLows

@AMCStephanie (Stephanie Gatschet): "The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance." ~Alan Watts

@Chrishell7 (Chrishell Stause): On the last day of taping AMC THIS was my fortune from my cookie! :) Silver lining on a sad day

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  1. ~I was there on Day ! with my Mom and Brothers I absolutely hate it that ABC did this ~But am truly happy AMC will continue on line I will be there and all of your Fans will be also~YES I speak for all True AMC fans ~Don't mean to step on toes Forgive me ~I am Passionate about AMC ~On Line is the wave of the future and AMC is the pioneer of the soaps as all will follow you~Good Luck My Stars and please stay with IT You are all making History writing it as you go~Love to all of our Players~~~<3<3<3~~~xo~CC~

  2. Camille, glad to hear such a longtime fan is willing to follow the show online. I really hope this works out, and a rebroadcast on cable deal too.

  3. So sad that AMC is going off after all these years. Been looking forward to watching it every day for many years. What will we do without our Erica fix. Have to watch her on HSN, I guess. Good luck to all of the actors. We'll miss u!!!

  4. Very sad day when All My Children will be taken off the air, been a loyal fan since day 1 and will continue to be one. I have taped a few shows through the years. Episodes of which I just could not tape over. I will also follow on line shows. Stay true fans.

  5. Would if had hurt ABC to keep AMC on until the end of the year. Well I won't watch the "Chew' or ''View''. Thanks for what was in the seventies, eighties and early nineties the best acted. written, socially revelant soap of all time. It was the hallmark of great soap acting and its sad that Cameron Mathison has become spokemen for "AMC". When it has been a showcase for Emmywinning and nominated performers including the late James Mitchell, Ruth Warrick, Debbie Morgan, Mary Fickett, Cady McClain, Darnell Williams, Kim Delaney, Julia Barr, bravo AMC thanks for the memories!

  6. Met several cast members in Fort Worth at Billy Bob's. My granddaughter was thrilled and so
    was my husband and I to meet them.
    They were so sweet and took so many
    pictures with everyone. Don't know
    what we will watch on tv now. We have our tv programmed to tape and
    watch at night when I get home from
    work. Have watched AMC for as long as I can remember and now my husband is hooked too. Much love to all - you will be missed. The network will miss you too! They just don't know it yet!

  7. I have watched AMC since I was 3 years old from the 1st day it aired on 01/05/1970. I have the "Alll My Children" book and I treasure it! I will watch it if it is online or on cable. I will NOT watch The Chew. What an idiotic name for a show! Always an AMC fan!

  8. First watched AMC as a college freshman 41 years ago...I feel like I'm loosing family.

  9. I will NEVER watch the CHEW either...ABC execs need brain transplants...I hope the Chew fails miserably and they have to bring back AMC...ABC you should be ASHAMED axing all those LOYAL actors after all these years...says alot about your network doesn't it!