Monday, April 16, 2007

Steve Burton Born Again in Daytime and Real time

On General Hospital, Steve Burton is Jason Morgan, a mob enforcer with a conscience. Onscreen, Jason breaks several laws, but he also broke the biggest one of all: Thou shalt not kill. Off-screen, Steve strives to love both his neighbors and his enemies with all heart, soul, and mind.

"When I became a Christian", said the actor, "it changed everything in my life. I changed as a person inside. You can't really explain what it does. People are always afraid of the word 'born again', but the meaning is that you're getting rid of your old self and you are a new person. That was very important to me. God takes everything away."

Burton has been on General Hospital since 1991 as first, the good guy Jason Quartermaine, then as the bad boy Jason Morgan in 1996. The role led him to a Daytime Emmy in 1998 and four Soap Opera Digest Awards. He has also been in 2001's The Last Castle starring Robert Redford, and was in Sci-Fi’s hit miniseries Taken as Captain Russell Keys in 2002.

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