Monday, April 16, 2007

Tanya Turner's new role has her laughing

Zoe Lucker's new role on Holby City has been a laugh a minute - because she can't stop giggling on set.

The actress - who became a household name as Footballers' Wives bitch Tanya Turner - says she couldn't keep a straight face when she shot some scenes with EastEnders veteran Kacey Ainsworth.

"I've had some lovely scenes with Kacey," said Zoe, who plays Kate Keenan in the soap.

""During one she couldn't get her words out and, by the time she finally did, I couldn't stop laughing."

Zoe, who starred in Footballers' Wives from 2002 until 2006, adds: "Those moments where you start giggling and you can't stop are a nightmare because you know you are going to get into so much trouble, but you can't help it."

The series follows the challenges facing the police officers and CID unit of Holby South.

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