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50 Greatest Soap Actresses: The Fans Strike Back

Dear We Love Soaps Readers,

We thank you all and appreciate your passionate comments regarding the We Love Soaps critics panel of the 50 Greatest Soap Actresses Of All Time.  While Roger and I are recovering from that plague bestowed upon both of our houses, we wished to turn the focus of our panel back on YOU, the loyal readers of this website.

It is now YOUR turn to tell us who YOU think the 50 Greatest Soap Actresses of All Time are.  We are going to ask you to do this the same way we ask the critics:  Pick Your Top 25 Actresses (yes, only 25) whom you consider the greatest of all time, and send them our way. Everyone's definition of "great" may differ but that's why getting as many inputs as possible is important. We will ultimately report the Top 50 based on the choices and the point ranking system (25 points goes to #1, 24 points to #2...etc).  

There are 2 ways to do this:
-Add your Top 25 choices as a comment on this e-mail
-Send them to me at [email protected]

Your lists must be posted or emailed by 11:59 p.m. on February 18.

I can't wait to see your lists.


  1. The one the only, the beautiful and extremely talented, Crystal Chappell at #1 !!!

    Susan Flannery 2
    Erika Slezak 3
    Robin Strasser 4
    Jeanne Cooper 5
    Jane Elliott 6
    Judith Light 7
    Linda Dano 8
    Deidre Hall 9
    Kim Zimmer 10
    Susan Lucci 11
    Gina Tognoni 12
    Cady McLain 13
    Victoria Wyndham 14
    Michelle Stafford 15
    Julia Barr 16
    Louise Sorel 17
    Kate Mulgrew 18
    Genie Francis 19
    Marcy Walker 20
    Eden Riegel 21
    Susan Seaforth Hayes 22
    Suzanne Rogers 23
    Mary Beth Evans 24
    Frances Reid 25


  2. 25. Hillary B Smith (intelligent soap heroine)
    24. Susan Haskell (Excells at Drama)
    23.Constance Ford (Tragic with strength)
    22.Susan Seaforth Hayes (spoiled w/out being shrill, take note KA)
    21. Denise Alexander (Leslie, victimized but not a victim)
    20. Marcy Walker (heroine with a spine of steel)
    19. Michelle Stafford (Brazen)
    18. Susan Lucci (enormity of role)
    17. Susan Flannery (good actress but does not invoke sympathy)
    16. Crystal Chappell(has to prove herself again as Carly)
    15. Genie Francis (super young actress, older Laura was bland)
    14. Kassie de Paiva (underrated, chemistry with EVERYONE, fun to watch)
    13. Vanessa Marcil (MY generations Erica)
    12. Deidra Hall (started slow, GREW Humongously)
    11. Robin Strasser (outrageous but tender)
    10. Victoria Wyndham (modern day Gothic)
    9. Kim Zimmer (early Reva, later Reva not so much).
    8. Nancy Lee Grahn (not typical soap heroine, only gets better)
    7. Nancy Addison (Jill was my girl, Nancy's eyes & hair accessories).
    6. Erica Slezak (Katherine Graham of soaps)
    5. Elizabeth Hubbard (Althea more than Lucinda, strength & dignity).
    4. Maureen Garrett (heartstring tugger and that voice)
    3. Kate Mulgrew (Mary,old soul)
    2. Beverlee McKinsey (most elegant villainess)
    1. Helen Gallagher(nurtured characters and viewers)

  3. 1 Eileen Fulton--The Queen of soaps for decades
    2 Beverlee McKinsey
    3 Kim Zimmer
    4 Elizabeth Hubbard
    5 Erika Slezak
    6 Susan Flannery
    7 Jeanne Cooper
    8 Judith Light
    9 Lisa Brown
    10 Helen Gallagher
    11 Ruth Warrick--not nearly old enough to remember her on ATWT, but loved Phoebe. Also, Citizen Kane, anyone?
    12 Robin Strasser
    13 Denise Alexander
    14 Helen Wagner
    15 Susan Seaforth Hayes
    16 Mary Stuart
    17 Ellen Dolan--An amazing actress, a shame the writers don't give her anything to work with.
    18 Martha Byrne--Please, this woman managed to be an ingenue for two decades. That alone should earn her a spot in the top 50.
    19 Ann Flood--Edge has always been my favorite, and to me Ann and Sharon were Edge.
    20 Genie Francis--Genie rocked the 80s like no other actress.
    21 Sharon Gabet--God, I miss Raven.
    22 Susan Lucci
    23 Charita Bauer
    24 Maura West
    25 Rosemary Prinz--half of the first supercouple.

    Do we get to do an honorable mention list too? :)

  4. Hi Damon --

    Congratulations to you & Roger once again for (1) continuing to produce a wonderful, intelligent & thought provoking site for die-hard soap fans & (2) for the 50 Greatest Actresses which included some of the all-time best of daytime. It brought back lots of memories.

    It's also a treat to see what your readership will come up with as their choices so definitely wanted to include my two-cents worth so here goes:

    1. Beverlee McKinsey
    2. Susan Flannery
    3. Erika Slezak
    4. Jeanne Cooper
    5. Judith Light
    6. Genie Francis
    7. Elizabeth Hubbard
    8. Sarah Brown
    9. Mary Kay Adams
    10. Judith Chapman
    11. Julia Barr
    12. Jess Walton
    13. Lois Kibbee
    14. Nancy Addison
    15. Linda Dano
    16. Constance Ford
    17. Ilene Kristen
    18. Eileen Herlie
    19. Joan Copeland
    20. Kathryn Hays
    21. Ann Williams
    22. Grayson Hall
    23. Sofia Landon
    24. Marie Masters
    25. Dorothy Lyman

    Thanks again & keep up the great work --



  5. Victoria Wyndham would be my absolute #1 - she had the versatility to play Rachel's strong, nurturing mother character and her earlier schemingness, as well as the complete insanity that was Justine, and made both believable characters. Well, when the writing allowed. Her Rachel has always epitomised soap acting in my mind. As Sandra said, she was so modern, urban Gothic in her delivery - a real unique actress. When she told the Cory family that Ada died, it broke my heart.

    2- Susan Flannery
    3- Judith Light (not the courtroom scenes in my mind as her best work, but the scene where she is telling Viki about her job)
    4- Beverlee McKinsey
    5- Erika Slezak (especially as Niki)
    6- Darlene Conley (moreso her characterization of Rose that showed her abilities, I think)
    7- Connie Ford
    8- Dorothy Lyman (she played Opal, such a realistic character, so realistically that it was painful)
    9- Lenore Kasdorf ("the... humping")
    10- Jeanne Cooper
    11- Linda Dano (the intervention scenes and Jenna losing the baby at the Cory cabin have stayed with me forever)
    12- Maureen Garrett
    13- Anna Kathryn Holbrook (how did SHE get forgotten?!)
    14- Suzanne Rogers
    15- Alicia Coppola (the queen of angst)
    16- Julia Barr
    17- Michelle Stafford
    18- Patsy Pease
    19- Ruth Warrick
    20- Beverly Penberthy (anyone remember drunk Pat Matthews?)
    21- Jaime Lyn Bauer (she played realistic-crazy very well, never too over-the-top, as Laura Horton, and she really proved her worth around Tom's funeral)
    22- Kate Collins
    23- Judi Evans (especially as Beth, when Lujack died)
    24- Louise Sorel
    25- Ilene Kristen (I hated her as Delia, that has to count for something)

  6. I love this opportunity so here goes...

    25. Alison Sweeney
    24. Judi Evans
    23. Genie Francis
    22. Linda Dano
    21. Colleen Zenk Pinter
    20. Gina Tognoni
    19. Francesca James
    18. Julia Barr
    17. Lauren Koslow
    16. Susan Hayes
    15. Charita Bauer
    14. Laura Wright
    13. Jacklyn Zeman
    12. Deidre Hall
    11. Louise Sorel
    10. Francis Reid
    9. Katherine Kelly Lang
    8. Ruth Warrick
    7. Jess Walton
    6. Nancy Lee Grahn
    5. Susan Lucci
    4. Jeanne Cooper
    3. Erika Slezak
    2. Kim Zimmer
    and #1 by far, CRYSTAL CHAPPELL

    Thanks for giving us "the fans" an opportunity to give our 2 cents...

  7. "50 Greatest Soap Actresses Of All Time" my hiney!

    Not much of a list without KRISTIAN ALFONSO at the top.

  8. Where is Sharon Case and Katherine Kelly Lang? They should be on the list!!

  9. Thanks for allowing the fans to put in their opinions. I only really follow ATWT but have dabbled with the other shows and was disappointed that more ATWT actresses didn't make the final list as the show has the best actors on daytime (writing is a whole other story).

    1. Maura West (give her ANYTHING and she'll act the hell out of it, no matter how poorly written!)
    2. Jeanne Cooper (what can I say about her? 80 years old and still owning it)
    3. Eileen Fulton (the original soap diva..a travesty she's left off the original list)
    4. Martha Byrne (another travesty!!)
    5. Susan Lucci (she's the reason non-soap fans know anything about soaps)
    6. Elizabeth Hubbard (why haven't TIIC realized what an amazing actress she is and given her material worthy of her??)
    7. Colleen Zenk Pinter (see Elizabeth Hubbard)
    8. Genie Francis (made so many people fans of soap operas again!)
    9. Susan Flannery (a powerhouse but wasted on a terrible soap)
    10. Erika Slezak (what I've seen of this actress, wow)
    11. Helen Wagner (such history with one woman, and still working at 92!!)
    12. Kim Zimmer (a bit overrated at #2 on your list, but still a kickass actress)
    13. Lynn Herring (Audrey was a bit much but watching Lucy Coe is just classic)
    14. Patricia Bruder (Ellen Stuart, how can could she have been forgotten on this list?)
    15. Kathryn Hays (classy and talented and needs to be utilized more)
    16. Eden Riegel (such a powerhouse in a complicated role)
    17. Rosemary Prinz (part of the original super couple of soaps!)
    18. Cady McLain (not in the last 2 Rosanna returns or even so much as Dixie but as powerful business woman Rosanna Cabot)
    19. Mary Beth Evans (great in every role)
    20. Susan Haskell (only actor that got me into OLTL, albeit briefly)
    22. Victoria Wyndham (so original and fantastic)
    23. Judi Evans (another great actress wasted on the mess that is ATWT recently)
    24. Vanessa Marcil (I don't really know her as Brenda but did love her as Gina on 90210)
    25. Lisa Brown (pitch perfect as Iva, who can forget her going after Josh in the barn with Lily?)

  10. I don't really have a list...I don't watch all the soaps, only a couple but I really think you overlooked Sharon Case. I strongly believe she's one of the very best leading ladies on Young and the Restless, imo, she IS the very best, but I'm willing to compromise.

    Sharon Case!

  11. This is my list of daytime's top 25 actresses.
    I really prefer a combo of strong and vulnerable, without being *way* over the top...

    1. Mary Beth Evans
    2. Marcy Walker
    3. Jane Elliot
    4. Nancy Grahn
    5. Elizabeth Hubbard
    6. Sarah Brown
    7. Maura West
    8. Beth Ehlers
    9. Kim Zimmer
    10. Anne Heche
    11. Mary Stuart
    12. Judith Light
    13. Ellen Wheeler
    14. Patricia Pease
    15. Kristian Alfonso
    16. Debra Morgan
    17. Ellen Dolan
    18. Erika Slezak
    19. Cady McClain
    20. Genie Francis
    21. Frances Reid
    22. Jeanne Cooper
    23. Finola Hughes
    24. Robin Mattson
    25. Deidre Hall (80s work)

  12. 1. Crystal Chappell (DAYS, Venice and GL)
    2. Melissa Reeves (DAYS)
    3. Liz Keifer (GL and DAYS)
    4. Orlagh Cassidy (AW and GL)
    5. Finola Hughes (GH)
    6. Kimberly McCullough (GH)
    7. Jensen Buchanan (AW)
    8. Judi Evans (DAYS, AW, and GL)
    9. Nancy Lee Grahn (Santa Barbara)
    10. Sherry Stringfield (GL)
    11. Martha Byrne (ATWT and Gotham)
    12. Genie Francis (GH)
    13. Frances Reid (DAYS)
    14. Allison Sweeney (DAYS)
    15. Maureen Garrett (GL)
    16. Beth Chamberlin (GL)
    17. Eden Riegal (AMC)
    18. Marcy Walker (Santa Barbara)
    19. Gina Tognoni (Venice and GL)
    20. Ellen Wheeler (AW)
    21. Robin Strasser (OLTL)
    22. Joy Garrett (DAYS)
    23. Mary Beth Evans (DAYS)
    24. Hillary B Smith (Venice and OLTL)
    25. Leann Hunley (DAYS)

  13. 1 Sharon Case
    2 Sharon Case
    3 Sharon Case
    4 Sharon Case
    5 Sharon Case

    And so on.........

    I think it is BS that she was not included and its a shame that some were on the list while she was overlooked????

  14. 1. Susan Lucci
    2. Alison Sweeney
    3. Lindsay Hartley
    4. Michelle Stafford
    5. Victoria Rowell
    6. Kim Johnston Ulrich
    7. Lauren Koslow
    8. Eileen Davidson
    9. Jess Walton
    10. Andrea Evans
    11. Louise Sorel
    12. Susan Flannery
    13. Jeanne Cooper
    14. Kristian Alfonso
    15. Katherine Kelly Lang
    16. Heather Tom
    17. Arianne Zucker
    18. Erika Slezak
    19. Melody Thomas Scott
    20. Darlene Conley
    21. Deidre Hall
    22. Elizabeth Hendrickson
    23. Judith Light
    24. Kathleen Noone
    25. Judith Chapman

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  16. Mine would be:

    25. Alicia Minshew
    24. Jensen Buchanan
    23. Leslie Charleson
    22. Finola Hughes
    21. Hillary B. Smith
    20. Susan Lucci
    19. Susan Haskell
    18. Kate Collins
    17. Lynn Herring
    16. Victoria Wyndham
    15. Marcy Walker
    14. Linda Dano
    13. Judith Light
    12. Jane Elliott
    11. Martha Byrne
    10. Judi Evans
    9. Crystal Chappell
    8. Jeanne Cooper
    7. Julia Barr
    6. Kim Zimmer
    5. Robin Strasser
    4. Nancy Lee Grahn
    3. Genie Francis
    2. Susan Flannery
    1. Erika Slezak

    February 11, 2010

  17. 25. Nancy Lee Grahn
    24. Genie Francis
    23. Susan Haskell
    22. Lauren Koslow
    21 Katherine Kelly Lang
    20. Kassie de Paiva
    19. Michelle Stafford
    18. Martha Byrne
    17. Loise Sorel
    16. Deidre Hall
    15. Marcy Walker
    14. Nancy Lee Grahn
    13. Susan Lucci
    12. Darlene Conley
    11. Jess Walton
    10. Suzanne Rogers
    9. Melody Thomas Scott
    8. Judi Evans
    7. Jeanne Cooper
    6. Mary Beth Evans
    5. Robin Strasser
    4. Hillary B. Smith
    3. Susan Flannery
    2. Erika Slezak
    1. Kim Zimmer

  18. #1 Robin Strasser
    Jane Elliott
    Erika Slezak
    Judith Light
    Kim Zimmer
    Crystal Chappell
    Sarah Brown
    Robin Mattson
    Michelle Stafford
    Sharon Gabet
    Finola Hughes
    Vanessa Marcil
    Eileen Davidson
    Victoria Rowell
    Kate Mulgrew
    Helen Gallagher
    Jackie Zeman
    Nancy Lee Grahn
    Nancy Addison
    Ileen Kristen
    Gina Tognoni
    Julia Barr
    Ruth Warwick
    Judith Chapman
    Laura Wright

    It was really tough to come up with 25....

  19. 1. Dame Judith Anderson
    2. Robin Wright Penn
    3. Robin Mattson
    4. Marcy Walker
    5. Nancy Grahn
    6. Louise Sorel
    7. Judith McConnell
    8. Kim Zimmer
    9. Darlene Conley
    10.Harley Kozak
    11.Stacey Edwards
    12.Marj Dusay
    13.Stella Stevens
    14.Janis Paige
    15.Linda Gibboney
    16.Gina Gallego
    17.Roya Megnot
    18.Sherylin Wolters
    19.Julia Campbell
    20.Carrington Garland
    21.Eileen Davidson
    22.Sidney Penny
    23.Michelle Nicastro
    24.Nina Arvesen
    25.Christine Tudor
    26.Ally Walker
    27.Cristopher Norris
    28.Jane Rogers
    29.Kimberlin Brown
    30.Melissa Brennan
    31.Roberta Bizeau Weiss
    32.Signy Coleman
    33.Margarita Cordova
    34.Wanda DeJesus
    35.Paula Kelly
    36.Tricia Cast
    37.Jane Sibbet
    38.Kristen Meadows
    39.Constance Marie
    40.Judith Hawking
    41.Terri Garber
    42.Susan Marie Snyder
    43.Ava Lazar
    44.Kerry Sherman
    45.Carmen Zapata
    46.Grace Zabriskie
    47.Shirley Anne Field
    48.Phyllis Frelich
    49.Miranda Wilson
    50.Sue Bugden

    and now....the best soaps ever????
    To me?
    Santa Barbara, of course

  20. 1. Nancy Lee Grahn
    2. Jeanne Cooper
    3. Michelle Stafford
    4. Erika Sleazac
    5. Vanessa Marcil
    6. Robin Strasser
    7. Lynn Herring
    8. Gina Tognoni
    9. Andrea Evens
    10. Mary Beth Evans
    11. Crystal Chappell
    12. Jane Elliot
    13. Jess Walton
    14. Kimberly McCullough
    15. Eileen Davidson
    16. Finola Hughes
    17. Amber Tamblyn
    18. Heather Tom
    19. Robin Mattson
    20. Allison Sweeney
    21. Judi Evans
    22. Rena Sofer
    23. Jensen Buchanan
    24. Alicia Minshew
    25. Kelly Ripa

  21. It may not be the best list, but it's people I respect and enjoy their work.

    1 Kimberly McCullough
    2 Tamara Braun
    3 Vanessa Marcil
    4 Alison Sweeney
    5 Crystal Chappell
    6 Finola Hughes
    7 Kim Zimmer
    8 Robin Strasser
    9 Suzanne Rogers
    10 Debra Morgan
    11 Jane Eliot
    12 Susan Hayes
    13 Jeanne Cooper
    14 Erika Slezak
    15 Gina Tognoni
    16 Susan Lucci
    17 Genie Francis
    18 Cady McClain
    19 Judi Evans
    20 Susan Flannery
    21 Heather Tom
    22 Eileen Davidson
    23 Eva La Rue
    24 Sharon Case
    25 Nancy Lee Grahn

  22. Will have to work on my top 25.
    Most notable exclusion on your top 50, imho: Martha Byrne.

  23. I will be sending you my TOP 25 list soon but I just wanted to leave a comment now..MARTHA BYRNE shouldve never been left out of the TOP 50! my opinion she shouldve been #1!...but I wouldve been happy just to see her on the list!!!...hopefully next time MARTHA BYRNE will not be overlooked!!

  24. crystal chappell is the godess baby

  25. Sandra, your list is fantastic, and i'm very picky! dead-on descriptions. bravo. Will post mine shortly!io

  26. Here is my top 25:

    1. Susan Lucci
    2. Genie Francis
    3. Debbie Morgan
    4. Nancy Addison
    5. Robin Strasser
    6. Anne Heche
    7. Crystal Chappell
    8. Tamara Braun
    9. Judith Light
    10. Kim Zimmer
    11. Jeanne Cooper
    12. Susan Pratt
    13. Lisa Brown
    14. Nancy Lee Grahn
    15. Jackie Zeman
    16. Margaret Colin
    17. Colleen Zenk Pinter
    18. Julia Barr
    19. Alicia Coppola
    20. Leslie Charleson
    21. Elizabeth Hubbard
    22. Maureen Garrett
    23. Robin Mattson
    24. Michelle Forbes
    25. Gina Tognoni

  27. Thank you IOWAHAWKEYE. I have to say, in hindsight, I'd retoot the list a little. I was remiss in not mentioning Ellen Holly in my top 25. Carla's story made a huge impact in my young psche, I was about 6 or 7 when that story played out and although I didn't truly understand the enormity of it, it made me a life long soap fan. Soaps and The Electric Company :) I have to say, some actresses were included because of the ENORMITY of their role and not their acting talent, I'm sorry but La Lucci is one of them. Maybe there should have been a separate list for Great Talent vs Great Characters. Looking forward to seeing your list and more from others. WE LOVE SOAPS, great blog to reminisce.

  28. Looking forward to putting my own list together this weekend to post here. This is fun!

  29. 1. Melody Thomas Scott (She has and always will be my favorite actress of all time. In my opinion there is no one bettter!!)
    2. Heather Tom (She was fierce as Victoria Newman and I hope at some point she will reclaim her role!)
    3. Rebecca Budig (the only reason I can watch AMC)
    4. Sharon Case (beautiful and talented, love her fighting scenes with MTS)
    5. Jeanne Cooper (true classic daytime star)
    6. Katherine Kelly Lange (Just started watching B&B and already love her)
    7. Michelle Stafford
    8. Erika Slazek
    9. Susan Lucci
    10. Kassie DePaiva
    11. Robin Strasser
    12. Eden Reigel
    13. Elizabeth Hendrickson
    14. Kristen Alderson
    15. Hillary B Smith

  30. I already sent my list via email, but for the other people out there this is how i ranked them and what i had to say about them.

    1. Erika Slezak (there is no other, imho, her range, depth and intensity is unmatched. not to mention her classy way of discussing soaps, you can tell she is a FAN).

    2. Robin Mattson (i'm beside myself with greif over how this amazing actress was left off the list of critics choices; she's appeared on nearly every soap and has hit it out of the ball park each and every time).

    3. Finola Hughes (how did she not make the top 50 critics list? shes among the most well respected performers to ever grace this medium.)

    4. Colleen Zenk-Pinter (is there a braver actress out there? i think not, she will go anywhere, has no limits and is the type of actress that makes daytime look brillant)

    5. Julia Barr (she to me is the efinition of the type of intelligent characters that once made up soaps, she's a rare breed and is so missed on soaps)

    6. Kimberline Brown (she plays psychotic like no other)

    7. Lynn Herring (she has it all, beauty, dramatic talent and a sense of humor---her Lucy Coe was a delight for years as both a villian and a herione; she can play drama and zany comedy to perfection)

    8. Deidra Hall (how was DOOL's biggest star left off the critics list? not to mention the likely most famous face in daytime history; besides La Lucci that is?)

    9. Robin Strasser (Robin Strasser is unmatched in her care for this genre. she loves soaps as much as us fans do and has passionately fought for it's survivial for decades now).

    10. Robin Christopher (she has played Skye on four different shows and played Linda Dano's daugther on TWO shows and each time has found a new elemant to make her work more and more special; she can play everything from selfish spoiled brat to empathetic friend).

    11. Catherine Hickland (a talent ulike any other!)

    12. Jacklyn Zeman (she is a rare talent; she has come to be known as the heart of "GH' and is sadly undervalued on that show)

    13. Susan Lucci (she gets lots of flack for playing campy over the top Erica Kane but it takes a real pro to make her character believable, rootable and likeable day in and day out. It's clear that La Lucci is as different from Erica Kane as i am from Arnold Schwartzenager and it's sad nobody realizes how talented she is).

    14. Lisa Peluso (She'll always be Ava Rescott Alden to me, but this sensational actress has grown up on-screen and is a talent for the ages)

    15. Kristina Wagner (may would consider this a odd choice, but she has a natural sweetness that is unmatched and it's her personality that made Felicia a fan favorite for decades!)

    16. Judith Light (her talent really is so obvious but nobody has the ability to take a scene and turn it into must see like she does).

    17. Kimberly McCoullagh (the work she did at age 6 was better than some work being done by people three times her age and she's only gotten better with age. her emotionally wrought work during the AIDS storyline is one for the history books).

    18. Sarah Joy Brown (you can't say anything about this actress other than BRILLANT, BRAVO and TOUR DE FORCE. every performance is filled with passion).

    19. Nancy Lee Grahn (she elevates every scene to a new level; full of wit, intellegance and pure Talent)

    20. Susan Haskell

    21. Kelly Ripa (talk about growth she went from green teenager actress and blossomed into one of the most composed performers on daytime. her journey is sensational and she's amazing)

    22. Eva La Rue

    23. Tonja Walker Davidson (a master of comedy and a brillant villaness, she has the ability to draw you into a scene just by entering the room. she commands your attention).

    24. Hilary Bailey Smith

    25. Marj Dusay (name any other actress that can turn a bland scene into shakespeare-esque grand theater? i dare you? nobody else matches her ability to grab a scene by it's horns and turn it into a showstopper)

  31. Sandra, may i look you up on facebook? or i'm there under dean.blake

    my list should be ready tomorrow i hope!

  32. 1 Beverlee McKinsey
    2 Lucinda Hubbard
    3 Helen Gallagher
    4 Maureen Garrett
    5 Judith Light
    6 Lisa Brown
    7 Judi Evans
    8 Kathryn Hays
    9 Michelle Forbes
    10 Ellen Parker
    11 Beth Maitland
    12 Kim Zimmer
    13 Marie Masters
    14 Margaret Colin/Hillary B. Smith/Ellen Dolan (okay, I cheated a little, but each of these actresses put their own talented stamp on the character Margo Hughes on ATWT and each deserves mention)
    15 Julia Barr
    16 Debbi Morgan
    17 Robin Strasser
    18 Jeanne Cooper
    19 Marie Cheatham
    20 Nancy Addison
    21 Colleen Zenk Pinter
    22 Susan Pratt
    23 Darlene Conley
    24 Audrey Peters
    25 Mary Kay Adams

  33. Sorry, #2 on my list should be ELIZABETH Hubbard!

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  35. Welcome to my list...

    1.Brenda Dickson

    2.Robin Mattson

    3.Beverlee McKinsey

    4.Kim Zimmer
    5.Erika Slezak
    6.Marcy Walker
    7.Martha Byrne
    8.Linda Dano
    9.Jeanne Cooper
    10.Melody Thomas
    11.Suzanne Rogers
    12.Robin Strasser
    13.Victoria Wyndham
    14.Maura West
    15.Mary Stuart
    16.Lisa Brown
    17.Eileen Fulton
    18.Robin Wright
    19.Tonja Walker
    20.Colleen Zenk
    21.Judith Light
    22.Andrea Evans Massey
    23.Elizabeth Hubbard
    24.Ruth Warrick
    25.Louise Sorel

  36. #1 Genie Francis/ Crystal Chappell
    #2 Crystal Chappell/ Genie Francis
    #3 Genie Francis/ Crystal Chappell
    #4 and so on
    #5 and so on

    OK seriously, I haven't watched soaps for more than 20 years so it seems unfair to put an 'all time' list together when my viewing has been about 1/3 of all time.

    Crystal and Genie are the most 'raw' actresses I have seen on a consistent basis. They never fail to deliver, CRY on cue, rage like noone else, make you laugh and you can watch their performances over and over and find something new each time...layers.
    They are the reason I watch SOAPS...amazing talents and amazing women.

  37. 1. Crystal Chappell
    2. Kim Zimmer
    3. Jeanne Cooper
    4. Michelle Stafford
    5. Jess Walton
    6. Maureen Garrett
    7. Louise Sorel
    8. Maura West
    9. Allison Sweeney
    10. Victoria Rowell
    11. Deidre Hall
    12. Hilary B. Smith
    13. Eileen Davidson
    14. Helen Gallagher
    15. Beverlee McKinsey
    16. Mary Beth Evans
    17. Gina Tognoni
    18. Melody Thomas Scott
    19. Susan Lucci
    20. Suzanne Rogers
    21. Kimberlin Brown
    22. Susan Flannery
    23. Eden Riegel
    24. Tricia Cast
    25. Vanessa Marcil

  38. I'm not claiming objectivity. I'm listing the actresses who have really entertained me over the years. The ones that moved and exhilarated me.
    1 - Crystal Chappell (had never seen her until Feb.2009 but she just blew me away the last few months of GL. Judging from YouTube clips she was terrific in all her past storylines as well but she never got the writing she deserved until Otalia)
    2 - Susan Pratt ( I still remember her SL with Richard Shoberg on AMC from over 20 years ago. They both really moved me. It was the only time I ever wrote a fan letter)
    3 - Beverly McKinsey (I will never forget the Alexandra and Lujack story. It filled me with emotion)
    4 - Michelle Stafford (Her acting just leaves me speechless. She dominates the screen when she is on)
    5 - Constance Ford (She's been gone for years but Still stands out - loved scenes between Rachel and her mom)
    6 - Maureen Garrett ( I will never forget Holly and Roger)
    7 - Ruth Warrick ( Loved Phoebe. Simply a great actress on soaps and in Citizen Kane)
    8 - Martha Byrne (She was great as Lily and Rose - miss her)
    9 - Hillary B Smith (Loved her as Margo and as Nora)
    10 - Darlene Conley ( Sally Spectra larger than life! That show really needs her)
    11 - Susan Flannery (loved her scenes with DC but of course she has got to be at the top of anyone's best actress list.)
    12 - Kate Mulgrew (Jack and Mary were my favorite super couple ever)
    13 - Nancy Addison (Great actress and breath taking beauty)
    14 - Charita Bauer (She was a loving mother figure to me all during the fifties when I was growing up)
    15 - Elizabeth Hubbard (Loved her as Althea on The Doctors and she is superb in a limited role on ATWT)
    16 - Victoria Rowell (Miss her on Y&R)
    17 - Robin Strasser (Loved her as Rachel and as Dorian)
    18 - Erika Slezak (Love her on OLTL. She is a fine actress)
    19 - Ilene Kristin (Her Delia was unforgettable)
    20 - Mary Stuart (She was the first soap actress I ever loved was just 4 when I first saw JoAnn Barron Tate)
    21 - Mary Kay Adams (I loved Phillip and India - one of my all time favorite couples)
    22 - Denise Alexander (Loved her on the early years of DOOL - when she left I did too)
    23 - Jeanne Cooper (She remains a superstar at 80. Still full of sound and fury - an inspiration)
    24 - Julia Barr (Loved her as Brooke and still miss her)
    25 - Kim Zimmer (She is quite a character and never phones it in)

  39. 1. Susan Flannery (She was a favorite as Laura Horton and now I am impressed how she handles aging and still being a force to reckon with.)

    2. Victoria Wyndam (She brought it on AW and I hated to miss an episode with she and Mac or her mom or Anne Heche.) Ran home after teaching all day in time to see, if at all possible.
    3. Jeanne Cooper (Memorable performances w/ Jess Walton over her husband.)
    4. Jess Walton (Classic soap actress.)
    5. Elizabeth Hubbard (Consummate performer)
    6. Beverly McKinnsey (Classy and beautiful)
    7. Crystal Chappell (Sexy fighter. Great as Olivia)
    8. Erika Slezak (Saw her on Broadway...great actress)
    9. Constance Ford (So strong and played so well with Victoria
    10. Michelle Stafford ( Best conniver, friend, mama, etc.)
    11. Kate Mulgrew (I just love to watch her act.)
    12. Anne Heche (She pulled off playing twins like no one else.)
    13. Francis Reid (Came home early from teaching because repairman needed in to apartment. Ms. Reid was telling that someone had died. I was crying. Roommate came home & told her. She started crying. As repairman left, he said as he bowed his head (southern thing) and said he was sorry we had lost our friend. That was how real she played the story.
    14. Maura West ( Funny, conniving and loving; whatever she is given)
    15. Denise Alexander (She and SSH were so good together and I always pulled for Denise.)
    16. Susan Seaforth Hayes (Her love for Doug.)
    17. Jackie Zeman (Believable)
    18. Victoria Rowell (Hell on Wheels & acted the part.)
    19. Maureen Garrett (What is there to say & I loved her voice.)
    20. Sharon Case (Nick and Sharon when they were young. Great love affair.)
    21. Genie Francis (My nieces were afraid their mom loved Luke more than their Dad.)
    She had to give up the show to prove to family she was not addicted to Luke and Laura.)
    22. Judith Light (Just a good actress.)
    23. Linda Dano (She walked the talk so well dressed to the 9s.)
    24. Louise Sorel (Wow! I never understood how she got away with burying Carly and she is still playing evil and hilarious at the same time.)
    25. Diedra Hall (Before the storyline went over the top.)

    HM: Judi Evans, Laura Wright, Suzanne Rogers, Sarah Brown, Kim Zimmer, Beth Chamberlin, Orlagh Cassidy, Judith Chapman

    Because I have not watched all soaps, I have rated only those that I did watch at some point for consistent periods of time. Their performances moved me or intrigued me and to this day when I hear their names, a particular storyline will come to mind. The soaps I watched since the late 60s were AW, DOOL, Y&R, ATWT, B&B, GL, & GH. I think I watched with my granny The Secret Storm and the Edge of Night and a little of Santa Barbara but can't remember storylines.

  40. Thanks for the chance to respond. :)

    1. Beverlee McKinsey
    2. Erika Slezak
    3. Maureen Garrett
    4. Leslie Charleson
    5. Elizabeth Hubbard
    6. Susan Flannery
    7. Denise Alexander
    8. Kelley Menighan Hensley
    9. Crystal Chappell
    10. Robin Strasser
    11. Helen Gallagher
    12. Robin Mattson (Heather Webber sneaking out of the sanitarium and plotting to kill Diana Taylor got me hooooked on GH)
    13. Robin Christopher
    14. Jane Elliott
    15. Genie Francis
    16. Kim Zimmer (who had the benefit of really, really great actors to work with throughout her run as Reva)
    17. Judith Light
    18. Colleen Zenk Pinter
    19. Marj Dusay
    20. Anna Stuart
    21. Judith Chapman (her Ginny Webber was a hot mess - the fifth actress on my list to play a Webber woman!)
    22. Deidre Hall (I didn't like Marlena at all, but still found her a fascinating actress to watch in the role)
    23. Lynn Herring
    24. Marie Masters
    25. Oy. Needed room for Jeanne Cooper, Maura West, Finola Hughes, Kassie DePaiva, Wendy Moniz, Mary Stuart, Julia Barr, Kimberly McCullough, Kristina Wagner, and Anna Lee... If I have to choose one, I choose Julia Barr, whose Brooke I'd follow anywhere - including back to whatever's left of AMC.

    Honorable mention to the grand dames of AMC - Ruth Warrick and Eileen Herlie - and to Kathryn Hays.

  41. Michelle Stafford #1
    Crystal Chappell #2

    Best actresses in daytime history. Versatile, nuanced, can go subtle and BIG, vulnerable, high emotion that break your heart and make you sob for them, both ladies can play the vixen AND the heroine.

    Michelle Stafford is pure acting genius, never a false moment. She charges into a scene and commands attention not necessarily by hysterics but by the calm, sometimes eerie power of a menacing glare. She is a poignant actress, her interpretation of Phyllis' dialogue can wound to the very core. She breathes life into Y&R with a sensual strut and her wild energy. She drips sex appeal and can turn around and play the mama lion doting on her children. She has chemistry with EVERYBODY.

    Crystal Chappell, what can I say? Two iconic characters. An actress of real grit, sass, and depth. She carries her emotions on her face, in her posture, with a head snap, finger roll, tears welling up on that gorgeous face. I have watched her evolve from her early days on DAYS where she had complete understanding of her role and won over fans who went "Hope, who?" as she stole Bo Brady's heart. Crystal is a sensous, lucious actress who can make you believe anything. I have been in awe of her for years.

  42. Trying to post comment, Word says i have 4,053 WITH spaces! what do i do, been editing this for hours lol!

  43. Honorable Mentions: Lanna Saunders (one of only TWO fan clubs I ever belonged to, Sister Marie got me thru high school!), Brenda Dickson (on/off part of the best battling duo I’ve ever seen in daytime), Ann Flood (beauty/brains/class personified), Jane Eliot (70s/early 80s), Alicia Coppola (shoulda been a contender!), Beverly Penberthy, Florencia Lozano, Anna Stuart, Nancy Frangione (guilty pleasure villianous), Cynthia Watros (like Heche, left at her peak), Susan S. Hayes (Y/R reminded me how phenomenal she was), Nancy Addison, Erika Slezak (late to the table, not a life-long OLTL fan).

  44. My list didn't publish first time:

    Beverlee McKinsey #1 Can’t even name how many scenes or storylines of hers I loved. Could annihilate w/just a lilt in her voice!
    Michelle Stafford #2 The scenes that stay on my dvr the longest are usually hers. #1 reason I watch Y/R. Uses most effective tool there is – the eyes!
    Deidre Hall #3 If for nothing more than her work w/Wayne Northrup in the early 80s, she’d still make my top 10. Best crier on daytime. Parents LOVED her.
    Kim Zimmer #4 A RAW gutsy style of acting that I always prefer.
    Sarah Brown #5 Gives 150%. Elevates crappy material to another level. Never liked Steve Burton w/anyone romantically the way I did with her. Clicks w/every actor.
    Genie Francis #6 Has anyone been that beautiful and captivating at such a young age? The young Elizabeth Taylor of soaps at that time.
    Robin Strasser #7 My mother watched her in the late 60s. Still blowing us away 40 yrs later. Can make you laugh and cry literally in the same scene.
    Sharon Gabet #8 A shame she never clicked in a role as she did w/Raven. That smile, those eyes – is it a surprise she wrapped every man around her finger?
    Jensen Buchanan #9 Practically embodied the 90’s for me! Finding Jake alive at the playground (clips anyone?), seeing Ryan in heaven & sleigh ride in Banff Canda are three of my tops of ALL TIME. Favorite recast of all time.
    Maura West #10 Another one like Stafford that brings it 365 days a year. Makes any story or actor BETTER. Fierce, tenacious, believable.
    Victoria Rowell #11 Fought hard for the integrity for her character, whether it was ugly or not. Whether you hated or loved Dru, she was unforgettable.
    Marcy Walker #12 Whether heroine or vixen, she could bring it. One of the most entrancing heroines. GENIUS pairing of Eden & Cruz.
    Anne Heche #13 I remember where I was and what I was doing when I read that Heche was leaving AW. Grew at an amazing pace.
    Maureen Garrett #14 Brought a strength and vulnerability thru that voice and all her devices. Legendary pairing w/Michael Zaslow thru the decades.
    Maeve Kincaid #15 I’d watch her read the phone book. Effortless classy quality, almost eludes me why she’s so great – she just is!
    Constance Ford #16 Tough mother from hell, & as Robin S. tells it, a great mentor. A straight shooter on-screen and off!
    Robin Mattson #17 A tigress w/unforgettable eyes & underrated ability. A friend of mine says, had 2 of the best roles in daytime – Heather Webber & Gina Capwell!
    Victoria Wyndam #18 Probably one who made it look the easiest, as if she were doing nothing. Played schemer /heroine, made Rachel her own.
    Judith Light #19 Forgiven for beating Bev at the Emmys b/c of her continuing greatness and legendary performances. Can do circles around Vanessa Williams!
    Martha Bryne #20 Gutsy and even more raw in later years. Controversial drug addiction story had me RIVETED. Had chemistry w/everyone.
    Jeanne Cooper #21 Some of earliest most unforgettable soap moments involved Cooper. Came to Y/R 30+ years ago, practically saved the show single-handedly!
    Elizabeth Hubbard #22 The Doctors’ Althea, & then ATWT (tho severely underused), I’ll never forget her. Uses every device possible to make a scene work.
    Nancy Lee Grahn #23 Intelligent heroine who never seems to be a victim no matter what the story. Classy, brainy, witty, gutsy.
    Dorothy Lyman (24) Created unforgettable roles. Always did her own thing.
    Eileen Davidson (25) Carried DOOL for 3 yrs! Untapped comedic talent put to great use.

  45. while i was editing, i took Louise Shaffer out of my Honorable Mentions...i loved her!

  46. My Top 25

    1. Crystal Chappell (The Goddess of Daytime!!!)
    2. Crystal Chappell (as Olivia Freaking Spencer)
    3. Crystal Chappell (as Dr. Carly Manning)
    4. Crystal Chappell (Gina on Venice)
    5. Hillary B Smith
    6. Jeanne Cooper
    7. Genie Francis
    8. Nancy Lee Grahn
    9. Jessica Leccia
    10. Kim Zimmer
    11. Marj Dusay
    12. Finola Hughs
    13. Mary-Beth Evans
    14. Louise Sorel
    15. Gina Tognoni
    16. Eileen Davidson
    17. Judith Light
    18. Marcy Walker
    19. Anne Heche
    20. Susan Lucci
    21. Kimberlin Brown
    22. Kelly Ripa
    23. Deidre Hall
    24. Stacy Greason (Isabella from DOOL)
    25. Judi Evans

  47. #1 REBECCA HERBST the most wonderful actress in daytime!

    #2 Melissa Archer

    #3 Erika Slezak

    #4 Michelle Stafford

    #5 Sarah Joy Brown

    #6 Robin Strasser

    #7 Cady McClain

    #8 Susan Haskell

    #9 Constance Towers

    #10 Jane Elliot

    #11 Anna Lee

    #12 Genie Francis

    #13 Carolyn Hennessy

    #14 Susan Lucci

    #15 Vanessa Marcil

    #16 Megan Ward

    #17 Kirsten Storms

    #18 Leslie Charleston

    #19 Laura Wright

    #20 Amber Tamblyn

    #21 Natalia Livingston

    #22 Kimberly McCullough

    #23 Bergen Williams (Alice on GH)

    #24 Kassie Depiva

    #25 Bree Williamson

  48. 25. Leann Hunley
    24. Kim Zimmer
    23. Mary Beth Evans
    22. Maura West
    21. Genie Francis
    20. Susan Lucci
    19. Judi Evans
    18. Michelle Stafford
    17. Maeve Kinkead
    16. Kathrine Kelly Lang
    15. Hillary B. Smith
    14. Robin Strasser
    13. Helen Gallagher
    12. Lauren Koslow
    11. Louise Sorel
    10. Suzanne Rogers
    9. Gina Tognoni
    8. Erika Slezak
    7. Frances Reid
    6. Maureen Garrett
    5. Patsy Pease
    4. Jeanne Cooper
    3. Rebecca Budig
    2. Susan Flannery
    1. Crystal Chappell

  49. Crystal Chappell #1
    Crystal Chappell #2
    Crystal Chappell #3
    Crystal Chappell #4
    Crystal Chappell #5
    Crystal Chappell #25

  50. Crystal Chappell #1
    Crystal Chappell #2
    Crystal Chappell #3
    Crystal Chappell #4
    Crystal Chappell #5
    Crystal Chappell #25

  51. And again
    Crystal Chappell #1
    Crystal Chappell #2
    Crystal Chappell #3
    Crystal Chappell #4
    Crystal Chappell #5
    Crystal Chappell #25

  52. My top 25 soap actresses

    1 Erika Slezak
    2 ArianneZucker
    3 Sarah Joy Broan
    4 Deidre Hall
    5 Colleen Zenk Pinter
    6 Leslie Carleson
    7 Beverlee Mckinsey
    8 Lauren Koslow
    9 Jeanne Cooper
    10 Mary Beth Evans
    11 Genie Francis
    12 Ann Flood
    13 Bree Williamson
    14 Suzanne Rogers
    15 Tamara Braun
    16 Denise Alexander
    17 Gina Tognoni
    18 Victoria Wyndham
    19 Melissa Reeves
    20 Anne Heche
    21 Sharon Gabet
    22 Lois Kibbee
    23 Eileen Fulton
    24 Susan Flannery
    25 Beth Maitland

  53. *correction* from Lisa's 25 picks

    *Sarah Joy Broan* should be *Sarah Joy Brown*

    Sorry for any inconvience.

  54. I know most names listed here. But who's Kristian Alfonso? Which soap was he/she on? I never heard of them.

  55. I e-mailed my list, but here it is:

    1-Crystal Chappell
    2-Beth Ehlers
    3-Julianne Moore
    4-Judith Light
    5-Kim Zimmer
    6-Leann Hunley
    7-Patsy Pease
    8-Gina Tognini
    9-Tamara Braun
    10-Nancy Barrett
    11-Lauren Koslow
    12-Deidre Hall
    13-Mary Beth Evans
    14- Eileen Davidson
    15- Tina Sloan
    16- Elizabeth Kiefer
    17-Louise Sorel
    18- Susan Seaforth Hayes
    19- Genie Francis
    20- Jane Elliot
    21- Michelle Stafford
    22- Marcy Walker
    23- Lara Parker
    24- Victoria Rowell
    25- Linda Dano

    HM to Martha Madison. I would have added her originally somewhere on my list, but I forgot.

  56. I've only ever been a CBS girl, so I have no opinion of any of the actresses who never appeared on a CBS show in the past 35 years. That being said, I can't argue your choices much, except to say how very sad it is that several ATWT stars I think get overlooked all the time because they played the same character for so long, among an extraordinarily talented cast, and each show can only nominate so many for awards each year. The worst of those who were overlooked on your list, I feel are...

    Martha Byrne
    Ellen Dolan
    Colleen Zenk Pinter

    Each, extremely talented & versatile, yet extraordinarily unsung throughout the decades, and I dare say could hold their own among any of those mentioned on your list.

  57. I found it impossible to put these in order.
    Genie Francis
    Vanessa Marcil
    Sarah Brown
    Robin Mattson
    Debbi Morgan
    Cady McLain
    Kassi DePaiva
    Robin Strasser
    Denise Alexander
    Rebecca Herbst
    Kimberly McCullough
    Erika Slezak
    Hillary B Smith
    Susan Haskell
    Nancy Lee Grahn
    Bobbie Eakes
    Laura Wright
    Lynn Herring
    Finola Hughes
    Elizabeth Hendrickson
    Rena Sofer
    Marcia Cross
    Loanne Bishop
    Ilene Kristen
    Julie Pinson

  58. 1. Crystal Chappell
    2. Kate Mulgrew
    3. Judith Light
    4. Deidre Hall
    5. Kim Zimmer
    6. Hillary B Smith
    7. Susan Lucci
    8. Jeanne Cooper
    9. Louise Sorel
    10. Tina Sloan
    11. Lauren Koslow
    12. Suzanne Rogers

  59. 1.Crystal Chappell
    2.Beverlee McKinsey
    3.Charita Bauer
    4.Liz Hubbard
    5.Debbi Morgan
    6.Julia Barr
    7.Jane Elliott
    8.Robin Strasser
    9.Marj Dusay
    10.Jess Walton
    11.Constance Ford
    12.Erika Slezak
    13.Suzanne Rogers
    14.Michelle Stafford
    15.Maureen Garrett
    16.Patsy Pease
    17.Mary Kay Adams
    18.Maeve Kinkead
    19.Gina Tognoni
    20.Anna Stuart
    21.Jeanne Cooper
    22.Kim Zimmer
    23.Colleen Zenk Pinter
    24.Kelly Menighan Hensley
    25.Cynthia Watros

  60. This is not a "Greatest Actresses" list. Simply, a "Personal Favorites" list of some of the amazing women who have captured (and held) my rapt attention over the last 20 years. It just so happens that my favorites happen to be damn fine actresses as well.

    I've included one word as an attempt to wholly describe each woman. Here goes...

    1. Maureen Garrett: Hypnotic.
    2. Nancy Lee Grahn: Clever.
    3. Hillary B. Smith: Authentic.
    4. Julia Barr: Temperate.
    5. Jane Elliot: Sharp.
    6. Fiona Hutchison: Tempestuous.
    7. Louise Sorel: Labyrinthine.
    8. Cynthia Watros: Electric.
    9. Genie Francis: Soulful.
    10. Marcy Walker: Ethereal.
    11. Kim Zimmer: Fearless.
    12. Finola Hughes: Passionate.
    13. Crystal Chappell: Unpredictable.
    14. Robin Strasser: Magnetic.
    15. Kassie DePaiva: Audacious.
    16. Ellen Parker: Poignant.
    17. Mary Beth Evans: Moxie.
    18. Erika Slezak: Master.
    19. Robin Mattson: Dynamic.
    20. Maeve Kinkead: Refined.
    21. Susan Haskell: Intimate.
    22. Leann Hunley: Generous.
    23. Robin Christopher: Visceral.
    *24. Judith Light: Genius.
    *25. Beverlee McKinsey: Spellbinding.

    (*While I was too young to see Judith Light's OLTL heyday and I discovered Guiding Light at the tailend of Beverlee McKinsey's run, I have seen much of their work since. Because any little morsel of a performance by either woman that I ran across only made me actively seek out what had come before and what came after. And it still does. They were just. that. amazing.)

    Certainly not an objective list, but a respectable one, nonetheless. Thank you for your hard work on this project, Roger & Damon.

  61. Try as I might, I can't get it to exactly 25, so excuse the big tie for #25. Here's my tops:

    1. Beverlee McKinsey
    2. Susan Flannery
    3. Kim Zimmer
    4. Erika Slezak
    5. Crystal Chappell
    6. Judith Light
    7. Jeanne Cooper
    8. Jane Elliott
    9. Kate Mulgrew
    10. Nancy Lee Grahn
    11. Maureen Garrett
    12. Robin Strasser
    13. Jess Walton
    14. Colleen Zenk Pinter
    15. Michelle Stafford
    16. Linda Dano
    17. Martha Byrne
    18. Gina Tognoni
    19. Louise Sorel
    20. Maura West
    21. Beth Ehlers
    22. Judi Evans
    23. Susan Seaforth Hayes
    24. Debbi Morgan
    25. TIE: Margaret Colin, Michelle Forbes, Cynthia Watros, Mary Kay Adams, Hillary B. Smith, Wendy Moniz

  62. 1. Crystal Chappell
    2. Maeve Kinkead
    3. Beverlee McKinsey
    4. Elizabeth Hubbard
    5. Mary Stuart
    6. Eden Riegel
    7. Kate Mulgrew
    8. Mary Kay Adams
    9. Kim Zimmer
    10. Hilary B Smith
    11. Marcy Walker
    12. Jane Elliot
    13. Lisa Brown
    14. Michelle Forbes
    15. Gina Tognani
    16. Finola Hughes
    17. Margaret Collins
    18. Bobby Eakes
    19. Louise Sorel
    20. Charita Bauer
    21. Julia Barr
    22. Susan Lucci
    23. Colleen Zenk Pinter
    24. Nancy Lee Grahn
    25. Jeanne Cooper

  63. In alphabetical order:

    Julia Barr
    Tracey Bregman
    Sharon Case
    Tricia Cast
    Jeanne Cooper
    Eileen Davidson
    Marj Dusay
    Jane Elliot
    Susan Flannery
    Genie Francis
    Finola Hughes
    Judith Light
    Susan Lucci
    Dorothy Lyman
    Debbi Morgan
    Robin Mattson
    Sydney Penny
    Victoria Rowell
    Erika Slezak
    Michelle Stafford
    Robin Strasser
    Melody Thomas Scott
    Heather Tom
    Marcy Walker
    Jess Walton

  64. 1. Hillary B Smith
    2. Colleen Zzink Pinter
    3. Nancy Lee Grahn
    4. Kim Zimmer
    5. Elizabeth Keifer
    6. Maureen Garrett
    7. Anna Stuart
    8. Linda Dano
    9. Maura West
    10. Jensen Buchanan
    11. Erika Sleazak
    12. Elizabeth Hubbard
    13. Martha Byrne
    14. Deidre Hall
    15. Robin Strausser
    16. Ellen Dolan
    17. Mauve Kinkead
    18. Julie Barr
    19. Marie Masters
    20. Kelley Menighan Hensley
    21. Beth Elhers
    22. Kristian Alfonso
    23. Catherine Hickland
    24. Suzanne Rogers
    25. Tina Sloan

  65. 1. Hillary B Smith
    2. Kim Zimmer
    3. Catherine Hickland
    4. Elizabeth Keifer
    5. Maureen Garrett
    6. Maura West
    7. Anna Stuart
    8. Linda Dano
    9. Jensen Buchanan
    10. Erika Slezak
    11. Elizabeth Hubbard
    12. Martha Byrne
    13. Robin Strasser
    14. Kassie Depavia
    15. Mauve Kinkead
    16. Julie Barr
    17. Rebecca Herbst
    18. Marie Masters
    19. Kelley Menighan Hensley
    20. Beth Elhers
    21. Kristian Alfonso
    22. Suzanne Rogers
    23. Tina Sloan
    24. Bree Williamson
    25. Susan Haskall

  66. Kim Zimmer 1
    Hillary B Smith 2
    Erika Slezak 3
    Robin Strasser 4
    Kassie DePavia 5
    Judith Light 6
    Laureen Garrett 7
    Linda Dano 8
    Deidre Hall 9
    Colleen Zink Pinter 10
    Susan Lucci 11
    Gina Tognoni 12
    Cady McLain 13
    Julia Barrr 14
    Michelle Stafford 15
    Catherine Hickland 16
    Anne Heche 17
    Kate Mulgrew 18
    Genie Francis 19
    Marcy Walker 20
    Elizabeth Keifer 21
    Mauve Kinkead 22
    Suzanne Rogers 23
    Mary Beth Evans 24
    Mary Stuart 25

  67. 1. Hillary B Smith
    2. Tina Sloan
    3. Sarah Joy Brown
    4. Elizabeth Hubbard
    5. Kim Zimmer
    6. Julia Barr
    7. Maureen Garrett
    8. Maura West
    9. Colleen Zink Pinter
    10. Linda Dano
    11. Jensen Buchanan
    12. Jess Walton
    13. Lois Kibbee
    14. Robin Strasser
    15. Erika Slezak
    16. Constance Ford
    17. Ilene Kristen
    18. Joan Copeland
    19. Marie Masters
    20. Kathryn Hays
    21. Judith Light
    22. Grayson Hall
    23. Sofia Landon
    24. Susan Lucci
    25. Gina Tognoni

  68. 1-25
    Robin Strasser
    Hillary B Smith
    Erika Slezak
    Kassie De Pavia
    Melissa Archer
    Finola Hughes
    Elizabeth Keifer
    Vanessa Marcil
    Eileen Davidson
    Kate Mulgrew
    Helen Gallagher
    Jackie Zeman
    Nancy Lee Grahn
    Nancy Addison
    Ileen Kristen
    Gina Tognoni
    Susan Lucci
    Laura Wright
    Jane Elliot
    Deidre Hall
    Cady McLain
    Kristen Alderson
    Susan Flannery
    Francis Reid
    Linda Dano

  69. 1 Colleen Zink Pinter
    2 Kathryn Hays
    3 Elizabeth Hubbard
    4 Hillary B Smith
    5 Marie Masters
    6 Ellen Dolan
    7 Maura West
    8 Anna Stuart
    9 Linda Dano
    10 Erika Slezak
    11 Robin Strasser
    12 Kassie DePavia
    13 Julia Barr
    14 Susan Lucci
    15 Nancy Lee Grahn
    16 Anne Heche
    17 Martha Byrne
    18 Laura Wright
    19 Kim Zimmer
    20 Tina Sloan
    21 Mauve Kinkead
    22 Jeanne Copper
    23 Maureen Garrett
    24 Elizabeth Kiefer
    25 Genie Francis

    2. Kimberlin Brown
    3. Susan Flannery
    4. Michelle Stafford
    5. Gina Tognoni
    6. Robin Strausser
    7. Sarah Brown
    8. Louise Sorel
    9. Erika Slezak
    10. Jeanne Cooper
    11. Genie Francis
    12. Mary Beth Evans
    13. Hillary B Smith
    14. Nancy Lee Grahn
    15. Linda Dano
    16. Julia Barr
    17. Beth Chamberlin
    18. Marcy Walker
    19. Lynn Hering
    20. Judith Light
    21. Judi Evans
    22. Jane Elliott
    23. Eileen Davidson
    24. Tamara Braun
    25. Robin Mattson

  71. 25. Victoria Rowell/Michelle Stafford :)
    24. Maura West
    23. Hillary B. Smith
    22. Jess Walton
    21. Martha Byrne
    20. Susan Lucci
    19. Ilene Kirsten
    18. Helen Wagner
    17. Constance Ford
    16. Jane Elliot
    15. Maureen Garrett
    14. Genie Francis
    13. Charita Bauer
    12. Crystal Chappell
    11. Robin Strasser
    10. Linda Dano
    9. Mary Stuart
    8. Elizabeth Hubbard
    7. Helen Gallagher
    6. Susan Flannery
    5. Kim Zimmer
    4. Judith Light
    3. Jeanne Cooper
    2. Erika Slezak
    1. Beverlee McKinsey

  72. 1. Helen Gallagher
    2. Beverlee McKinsey
    3. Ilene Kristen
    4. Erika Slezak
    5. Debbi Morgan
    6. Maureen Garrett
    7. Robin Strasser
    8. Judith Light
    9. Ruth Warrick
    10. Lynn Herring
    11. Louise Shaffer
    12. Crystal Chappell
    13. Leslie Charleson
    14. Elizabeth Hubbard
    15. Beth Ehlers
    16. Hillary B. Smith
    17. Linda Dano
    18. Maeve Kinkead
    19. Nancy Addison Altman
    20. Victoria Wyndham
    21. Mary Stuart
    22. Carmen Duncan
    23. Cady McClain
    24. Anna Holbrook
    25. Susan Haskell

    I know I'm leaving out actresses whom I'm sure deserve to be among the top. Sorry to say, I've never been able to get into the Bell shows, and the only time I've ever watched DOOL, Crystal Chappell and Louise Sorel - who would have been, like, # 26 for me - were practically the only ones who could act who had anything to do. But I know there are plenty of people who have watched those shows over the years to balance out my "best of the NY shows plus a few other random people" list.

    I have to say, I am amazed that your panel managed to capture such a broad spectrum, because I'll freely admit that I "cheated" and narrowed my list down to actresses who had been on a soap for at least 5 years - much as I wanted to include people like Sarah Felder and Anne Heche and Cynthia Watros, whom I was so happy made your list. I justified it because they had all the chance to play the significant evolution and growth of one (or more) characters over that time.

    Thanks again, guys - this whole feature has been a blast.

  73. 1. MAURA WEST!!!
    2. Martha Byrne
    3. Nancy Lee Grahn
    4. michelle stafford
    5. coleen zenk pinter
    6. vanessa marcil
    7. lesli kay
    8. cady mcclain
    9. julie pinson
    10. sarah brown
    11. kim zimmer
    12. crystal chapel
    13. elizabeth hubbard
    14. frances reid
    15. terri colombino
    16. jeanne cooper
    17. alison sweeney
    18. lisa brown
    19. lynn herring
    20. anne heche
    21. susan pratt
    22. suzanne rogers
    23. deidre hall
    24. patsy pease
    25. pam long

  74. 1) Erika Slezak
    2) Jane Elliott
    3) Robin Strasser
    4) Maura West
    5) Susan Lucci
    6) Deidre Hall
    7) Beth Chamberlin
    8) Judith Light
    9) Linda Dano
    10) Marcy Walker
    11) Jensen Buchanan
    12) Gina Tognoni
    13) Lynn Herring
    14) Mary Beth Evans
    15) Christine Tudor
    16) Marie Masters
    17) Florencia Lozano
    18) Leslie Charleson
    19) Kim Zimmer
    20) Michelle Stafford
    21) Eileen Herlie
    22) Kate Collins
    23) Debbi Morgan
    24) Jill Larson
    25)Tina Sloan

  75. 01 Maura West
    02 Jane Elliot
    03 Sarah J Brown
    04 Nancy L Grahn
    05 Robin Mattson
    06 Rosalind Cash
    07 Robin Strasser
    08 Michelle Stafford
    09 Victoria Rowell
    10 Marcy Walker
    11 Kathleen Widdoes
    12 Erika Slezak
    13 Judith Chapman
    14 Marj Dusay
    15 Susan Flannery
    16 Genie Francis
    17 Liz Hubbard
    18 Elizabeth Keifer
    19 Florencia Lozano
    20 Nancy Frangione
    21 Beth Maitland
    22 Susan Pratt
    23 Debbi Morgan
    24 Hillary B Smith
    25 Cynthia Preston

  76. Tracey Bregman
    Eileen Davidson
    Mary Beth Evans
    Jackie Zeman
    Kim Zimmer
    Maura West
    Maureen Garrett
    Johanna Johnson
    Lisa Brown
    Cady McClain
    Julia Barr
    Diedre Hall
    Susan Lucci
    Erika Sleazak
    Susan Flannery
    Jeanne Cooper
    Lisa Peluso
    Sarah Brown
    Kelley Menighan Hensley
    Finola Hughes
    Katherine Kelly Lang
    Michelle Stafford
    Victoria Rowell
    Kristina Wagner
    Marcy Walker

  77. 1. Judith Light
    2. Beverlee McKinsey
    3. Erika Slezak
    4. Susan Flannery
    5. Crystal Chappell
    6. Maureen Garrett
    7. Robin Strasser
    8. Jeanne Cooper
    9. Kim Zimmer
    10. Jane Elliot
    11. Connie Ford
    12. Cynthia Watros
    13. Anne Heche
    14. Linda Dano
    15. Maeve Kinkaid
    16. Nancy Lee Grahn
    17. Elizabeth Hubbard
    18. Marcy Walker
    19. Julia Barr
    20. Dorothy Lyman
    21. Hillary B. Smith
    22. Robin Mattson
    23. Anna Stuart
    24. Louise Sorel
    25. Denise Alexander

  78. 1. Judith Light
    2. Erika Slezak
    3. Kim Zimmer
    4. Susan Flannery
    5. Crystal Chappell
    6. Robin Strasser
    7. Susan Lucci
    8. Beverly M.
    9. Maureen Garrett
    10. Jeanne Cooper
    11. Michelle Stafford
    12. Debbi Morgan
    13. Sarah J. Brown
    14. Maura West
    15. Nancy Grahn
    16. Elizabeth Hubbard
    17. Genie Francis
    18. Jane Elliott
    19. Louise Sorrel
    20. Julia Barr
    21. Cady McClain
    22. Martha Byrne
    23. Beth Ehlers
    24. Gina Tognoni
    25. Susan Haskell

  79. 1.Elizabeth Hubbard
    2.Kim Zimmer
    3.Martha Byrne
    4.Marcia McCabe
    5.Lisa Brown
    6.Gina Tognoni
    7.Crystal Chappell
    8.Tamara Tunie
    9.Beverly McKinsey
    10.Linda Dano
    11.Marie Masters
    12.Hillary Bailey Smith
    13.Mary Stuart
    14.Sherry Mathis
    15.Nancy Frangione
    16.Julie Osborne
    17.Margaret Reed
    18.Beth Ehlers
    19.Beth Chamberlain
    20.Maeve Kincaid
    21.Linda Gibonney
    22.Sharon Gabet
    23.Tina Sloan
    24.Marj Dusay
    25.Leann Hunley

  80. First tier: mostly those with long soap track records who headed at least several big stories.

    Beverlee McKinsey (1)
    Susan Flannery
    Erika Slezak
    Victoria Wyndham
    Judith Light
    Kim Zimmer
    Helen Gallagher
    Deidre Hall
    Susan Lucci
    Eileen Fulton
    Ruth Warrick
    Martha Byrne
    Genie Francis
    Robin Strasser
    Jeanne Cooper
    Maureen Garrett (16)

    Second tier: mostly those with shorter or more intermittent ones and those who had fewer big stories during their time on air.

    Kate Mulgrew (1)
    Maeve Kinkaid
    Sarah Brown
    Debbi Morgan
    Jane Elliot
    Ann Flood
    Finola Hughes
    Cynthia Watros
    Robin Mattson (9)

    25 total. All great soap actresses.

  81. 1. Florencia Lozano
    2. Erika Slezak
    3. Robin Strasser
    4. Lisa Locicero
    5. Susan Lucci
    6. Sarah Joy Brown
    7. Melissa Archer
    8. Bree Williamson
    9. Kassie De Paiva
    10. Finola Hughes
    11. Julie Marie Berman
    12. Gina Tognoni
    13. Genie Francis
    14. Eden Riegel
    15. Hillary B. Smith
    16. Vanessa Marcil
    17. Nancy Lee Grahn
    18. Kelley Missal
    19. Kristen Alderson
    20. Kirsten Storms
    21. Robin Christopher
    22. Kimberly McCullough
    23. Constance Towers
    24. Patricia Mauceri
    25. Ilene Kristen

  82. 1. Crystal Chappell
    2. Judith Light
    3. Kate Mulgrew
    4. Hillary B. Smith
    5. Beverlee McKinsey
    6. Denise Alexander
    7. Louise Sorel
    8. Genie Francis
    9. Maureen Garrett
    10. Erika Slezak
    11. Eileen Davidson
    12. Kim Zimmer
    13. Sarah Brown
    14. Nancy Lee Grahn
    15. Robin Strasser
    16. Jeanne Cooper
    17. Jane Elliot
    18. Linda Dano
    19. Robin Wright
    20. Mary Beth Evans
    21. Deidre Hall
    22. Francis Reid
    23. Gina Tognoni
    24. Arleen Sorkin
    25. Allyson Rice-Taylor

  83. 1. Beverlee McKinsey
    2. Susan Flannery
    3. Maureen Garrett
    4. Judith Light
    5. Cynthia Watros
    6. Mary Kay Adams
    7. Elizabeth Hubbard
    8. Robin Christopher
    9. Hillary B Smith
    10. Jane Elliot
    11. Nancy Lee Grahn
    12. Maeve Kinkead
    13. Jeanne Cooper
    14. Robin Strasser
    15. Finola Hughes
    16. Fiona Hutchison
    17. Kim Zimmer
    18. Sarah Brown
    19. Marcy Walker
    20. Kate Collins
    21. Tonya Lee Williams
    22. Lynn Herring
    23. Julia Barr
    24. Constance Ford
    25. Kimberlin Brown

  84. Here's my list:

    Erica Slezak
    Susan Flannery
    Hillary B Smith
    Judith Light
    Marcy Walker
    Robin Strasser
    Nancy Lee Graham
    Sarah Joy Brown
    Julia Barr
    Susan Haskell
    Nancy Addison
    Helen Gallagher
    Debbie Morgan
    Michelle Stafford
    Jane Elliot
    Mary Beth Evans
    Katherine Kelly Lang
    Kate Mulgrew
    Susan Lucci
    Ilene Kristen
    Heather Tom
    Alicia Minshew
    Vanessa Marcil
    Kassie DePaiva
    Victoria Wyham

  85. helen gallagher 1
    kate mulgrew 2
    victoria wyndham 3
    lois kibbee 4
    jaime lyn bauer 5
    brenda dickson 6
    dorothy lyman 7
    kim hunter 8
    sharon gabet 9
    louise shaffer 10
    ann flood 11
    constance ford 12
    kim zimmer 13
    beverly mckinsey 14
    charita bauer 15
    dorothy lyman 16
    louise sorel 17
    robin mattson 18
    patsy pease 19
    marj dusay 20
    julianna mccarthy 21
    susan haskell 22
    marj dusay 23
    maeve kinkaid 24
    marla adams 25