Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Walt Willey: "We haven't been spoken to about salaries or benefits or unions or anything like that"

ALL MY CHILDREN's Walt Willey appeared on ABC 7 in Chicago today to talk about the soap his upcoming stand up comedy appearances at Zanies in the area. He revealed he is in the dark about the future of AMC.

"I don't know what to say," Willey said. "We hear about this Prospect Park is paying the licensing for this and plan to continue it on the internet. On the one hand, Kevin Spacey is now doing a series for Netflix on the internet so clearly it's the wave of the future. On the other hand, none of us have really been spoken to about how it's going to continue. We haven't been spoken to about salaries or benefits or unions or anything like that."

"I'm pleased as punch that there might be a way to continue the show with or without me," he continued.

Willey also had high praise for ALL MY CHILDREN fans.

"All these people who are so loyal and have worked so hard to make their desires known. They are the most wonderful fans any group of people could ever have," he said. "I hope for their sake mostly that there is a continuance of this, that they have this continuity in their life because it runs through families, generations. It's very important. I hope for the best outcome. I just don't don't have anything factual that I can say."

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  1. I think Prospect Park will work out the internet deal, and then possibly the broadcast cable deal. next they'll find cheap studios run by non union crews. Only then will they turn to the actors and say. "This is the only money we have left. Divide it up any way you like."

  2. I don't think they have any intention of using non-union crews. I think they are working out a collective bargaining agreement and then will approach the actors. There is no eason to expect that they would alk to the actors first. But I do believe they are serious and will continue these shows.