Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Will ALL MY CHILDREN & ONE LIFE TO LIVE Air On Cable After The Web?

ABC's canceled daytime dramas ALL MY CHILDREN and ONE LIFE TO LIVE may be returning to television according to a new story from Deadline Hollywood which says Prospect Park is shopping the shows to cable networks.
I hear that Prospect Park, the company that licensed the soaps from ABC and plans to relaunch them online in the first quarter of 2012, is meeting with cable networks -- both big-tent, general entertainment networks and female-centered nets -- about TV sales of the two series and is getting interest. Under its agreement with ABC, Prospect Park has the right to carve out a traditional TV window, which, at least for now, is expected to come after the episodes premiere online.


  1. i hope there will be all new ABC episodes AMC & one live to life on tv & online there cool soaps.

  2. I thought all the major cable networks already turned them down.
    I know Oprah said she didn't want to produce AMC & OLTL but OWN needs a kick in the keester. I still think these shows would be a good fit for her network, and if she's buying already produced episodes it would be a win/win for her.
    Either way, I'd love for them to air on cable so the people who don't want to watch them online can still get their stories.