TECHNOLOGY: "Enough Already" Is A Celebrity-Silencing Remote Control

Matt Richardson has launched the Enough Already project, a new invention that allows TVs to automatically mute whenever your least favorite people pop on TV.

By decoding the closed captioning track in the video signal, the Arduino is able to look for keywords such as "PALIN" or "KARDASHIAN" and mute your TV, protecting your poor ears from having to hear about them ever again.

Watch a preview below.

The mechanism is reportedly very simple to make. Richardson combines an Arduino board and a video experimenter shield to look at the closed-captioning, scanning for names you can input yourself that you don't want to hear about.

The setup has other uses, as well. Commenters on the how-to video thought of using a similar device to block commercials, change channels, or censor inappropriate material.

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  1. Yes, please design device to BLOCK commercials, I HATE GIECO commercials, esp. that ass&^%hole MIKE McGLONE, could switching to GIECO save you....