Wednesday, August 31, 2011

NEWS ROUNDUP: Agnes Nixon Created Big Cliffhanger For ALL MY CHILDREN Ending, Will Consult

Agnes Nixon has another life to live
"My father wanted me to take over his business," Agnes explained. "He said I had no ability as a writer, and I had to run the Perfection Burial Garment Company. So to dissuade me further he got an appointment through a doctor friend, who was Irna Phillips' doctor, (for Phillips) to interview me, and he was convinced this woman would 'set me straight,' as he put it. So I went to her three days after I finished Northwestern and gave her a script I had written. She read it aloud with her secretary sitting at the desk and put it down and said, "How would you like to work for me?" That was pretty exciting."

"I'll be the creative consultant," she added about her role with AMC. "Sometimes there are writers who don't want my help, but for the most part I have the big ideas. We're going to have a hiatus, you know, for three months. And the head of Prospect Park (the production company taking over the shows) said, 'We've got to have a big cliffhanger for that three months.' And so I came up with one which I can't tell you. But they loved it."

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UNA MAID EN MANHATTAN will be filmed in Mexico City, Los Angeles, New York and Miami
Litzy and Eugenio Siller will star in the television soap opera co-produced by Telemundo and Sony Pictures Television.

After initially settling in Los Angeles, Marisa (Litzy) moves to Manhattan, where she works as a maid in a large hotel. There she gets to know Cristobal Parker Salas (Siller), who confuses her with a guest, the network added.

The theme song for the show will be performed by the stars.

Tina Sloan on GOOD DAY NY

ABC’s “PAN AM” Filming at the Bowery Ballroom Today
Later today, filming activities will transpire inside Bowery Ballroom. As of this morning, the famed venue is being transformed to resemble a club of an earlier era. Trucks have parked up the surrounding streets.

Franco is set to return to the soap on September 20.


  1. Wonderful news about Agnes being involved.

  2. I really wanted AMC to end on a full circle moment. We are frequently shown anniversary shows with the scene from the first day of AMC when Erica tells Nick that she is getting out of Pine Valley and she is going to "make it be big on Hollywood and Vine."

    So, here's my idea - Erica is given another chance to turn her book into a movie. The last movie with Mike Roy was a disaster so this is a chance at redemption. However, Erica turns down the offer because she feels that she has to stay in town with her girls. BUT - after a short time Erica begins to feels the disappointment in how her girls turned out and what her life has become in Pine Valley.

    SO at some big party Erica gets a final chance to speak her mind. To Kendell she talks her disappointment that she fought so hard for reproductive rights that it cost her two of her marriages, then Kendell has two "who's the daddy" stories when she should have used protection. To Bianca, she talks about how passive she is in love, when Erica wanted something she went out and got it - and she never had to steal someone's lover (Marissa) - they came to her. And finally to Jack who says he loves her but really wants to change her just like all of the other men in Erica's life.

    When realizes that she has tried to change but others have never appreciated her for who she is - she decides it is time to leave town and follow her dreams on her own....

    I worry that there will be some kind of Erica tribute, but that is not really true to the character who grew up longing for acceptance. There has to be some callback to Erica at 19.

  3. Oliver, your scenario is just crazy. Plus Erica LOVES her daughters, why would anyone want the end of the show to be about her expressing her disappointment with them. And finally, Bianca didn't steal anyone's lover. Marissa was not married, and Bianca only told her about her feelings to clear the air between them. It was MARISSA from that point on who pursued Bianca.