Wednesday, August 31, 2011

EXCLUSIVE: Justin Bruening To Guest Star On CSI: NEW YORK

Former ALL MY CHILDREN star Justin Bruening, who is returning to the soap as it wraps up on ABC in September, will be guest starring on an upcoming episode of the CBS hit CSI: NEW YORK. He is shooting today and we will have more details on his character coming soon.

Bruening will also be appearing on the new Sarah Michelle Gellar show, RINGER this fall. The actor plays Tyler, who pursues Siobhan, one of the twin sisters Gellar plays.

After ALL MY CHILDREN, Bruening found primetime success playing Mike Traceur on the remake of KNIGHT RIDER. Among his other guest appearances was a role on ABC Family's STATE OF GEORGIA this summer.

Bruening was set to appear as Steve Trevor in the new WONDER WOMAN series but NBC did not pick it up for the fall schedule.

- Alexa Havens and Justin Bruening Return to ALL MY CHILDREN This September

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