Wednesday, August 24, 2011

ALL MY CHILDREN's Rebecca Budig: I Wanted Leo and Greenlee to End Up Together

Despite the fact that Kendall and Tad saw their true loves, Zach and Dixie, turn out to be alive on ALL MY CHILDREN, Greenlee's love Leo was just a dream.

We knew Josh Duhamel's return was very brief so it seemed unlikely Greenlee could find out Leo was alive and reunite with him, but fans of the couple still hoped for a reunion. So did we. And so did actress Rebecca Budig.

"You know how I wanted Leo to come back? I wanted him to be my ending," Budig told TV Guide. "Taking nothing away from Ryan (Cameron Mathison), but I wanted Leo and Greenlee to go through this whole thing. I wanted to be struggling because I find out he's alive, and when I find him, he's struggling because I'm the love of his life."

"In the end, I wanted them to go off together," Budig continued. "The audience doesn't know what's going to happen to them, we just see them going away."

Were you hoping Greenlee and Leo would reunite for real or do you prefer her with Ryan?


  1. Definitely would have loved to see Greenlee and Leo end up together!

  2. Leo & Greenlee fans are extremely disappointed that they won't be getting their happy ending on AMC & I am one of them! There's no reason why the writers couldn't have made this happen. They made Dixie come back, ALIVE and she was DEAD dead, not just presumed "Dead" like Leo was! She died from eating poison pancakes for God's sake! At least with Leo, the last time we saw him he was very much ALIVE, hanging on to a big tree branch in the rapids! I guess we'll never really know what happened to Leo or where he's at. As great as it was to see Leo & Greenlee on screen again, this whole storyline really SUCKS! :(

  3. I would love any situation that took Greenlee off the show!