Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Week in Review: Most Popular Posts

In case you missed them, here are the 15 most popular topics over the past week at WE LOVE SOAPS TV:

1.   Robin Strasser: 'I Am Incapable Of Grieving And Lying At The Same Time'
2.   NEWS: Frons in Hot Water, Bruce Weitz, Chris Colfer, SHUGA
3.   NEWS: Soaps Doing Well Outside U.S., Hershey, Brian Kirkendall
4.   NEWS: Marisa Tomei, Facebook Apology, Don't Mess With Soap Fans
5.   NEWS: Erica Kane, B&B PRISM Award, Wrestling, Y&R Accident
6.   NEWS: Daytime Disaster, Publicly Funded Soaps, BATTLESTAR
7. To ABC: What Is Real Cannot Be Threatened
8.   NEWS: John-Paul Lavoisier, Darius McCrary, Morrison, Cumming
9.   Hoover To Discontinue Ads With ABC After April 22
10. Hickland: 'I Can Not Recall A More Reviled Executive'
11. Former Y&R Star Lynne Topping Has Passed Away
12. NEWS: Jim Fitzpatrick, Michelle Collins, Edge, Eastenders
13. Agnes Nixon: 'Are people tired of stories? I don't think so'
14. SOAPnet Sticking Around Till Spring 2012
15. Chris Goutman Directing DAYS OF OUR LIVES

You can also catch up on the latest episodes of our web series, WE LOVE SOAPS TV, below including interviews with Tom Casiello, Susan Lucci, Erika Slezak, Austin Williams, Florencia Lozano, Robin Strasser, Anthony Geary, Jonathan Jackson, Ted King and many more.

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