Thursday, April 21, 2011

NEWS: Daytime Disaster, Publicly Funded Soaps, BATTLESTAR

Get used to seeing Twitter hashtags on your TV screen
GLEE this week put a "#Glee" at the bottom of the screen to urge viewers to tweet with one unified word.

Daytime Disaster! Did ABC Have to Kill ALL MY CHILDREN and ONE LIFE TO LIVE?
Ed Martin writes: "As for the all too convenient excuse of low ratings, I'm not buying it. Ratings for daytime and primetime programming are, at best, inaccurate. Further, there are many other compelling reasons to keep programs alive beyond numbers, accurate or otherwise. If there weren't, most of NBC's primetime shows would have been canceled years ago, most basic cable networks would run only movies around the clock, and The CW would likely have been terminated during its infancy!"

Our Dying Soap Operas Deserve Public Funding
David Ozanich says, "I would like to suggest that the federal government step in and subsidize this art form in the way they fund public broadcasting or the NEA. I realize that this is a pipe dream in our current political climate, but what would EASTENDERS be without the BBC? Personally, I would rather see ONE LIFE TO LIVE on PBS at lunchtime than the usual Charlie Rose repeat. The government funds all sorts of dead art forms that no one cares about like ballet, theater and opera, why not soap operas? What’s a $50 million production budget compared to the billions we spend on Medicare?"

National TV in Vietnam takes disappointing soap opera off air
The suspended drama, ANH CHANG VUOT THOI GIAN (The time traveler) now in its 18th episode, tells a story of Hai Anh, a coma patient who dreams he travels back through time to a kingdom where he unveils many mysteries. On air from March, the series produced by Nang Dong Viet Company has stirred widespread concerns over its sloppy script, feeble details and its cast’s poor acting skills.

More Wedding Bells For Adam Gregory
Though THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL's Adam Gregory (Thomas) and his wife, Sheridan Nicole, married civilly on February 26, 2010, they're going to have their union sealed in the Mormon temple on Saturday, May 14, to signify that their marriage is eternal.

Jane Krakowski welcomes a baby boy
The former SEARCH FOR TOMORROW star gave birth to Bennett, her first child, on Wednesday of last week. "Bennett is an amazing, healthy sweet boy and we are both just crazy in love with him," says the 42-year-old Krakowski.

BATTLESTAR GALACTICA reruns are coming to BBC America
All four seasons plus the opening miniseries will air on BBCA.

ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS coming back for 3 new episodes
Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley will reprise their BBC roles for the first time in three years.

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES is having no trouble coming up with storylines
"This is one of those shows where the story just keeps coming," says Kevin Williamson. "We're already planning Season 3 and we already know what the big storyline is and the big thruline."

Check out the very first DOCTOR WHO pitch
The pitch to the BBC consisted of five pages.

Nielsen CEO David Calhoun made $14.2 million in 2010
Calhoun made $1.6 million in salary, $8 million bonus, $1.2 million in options, $3.4 million in cash incentives, and about $16,000 in other compensation.

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  1. I am too upset over ABC'S cancellation of AMC to even tweet. I watched this show for almost 40 yrs.