Tuesday, April 19, 2011

NEWS: Erica Kane, B&B PRISM Award, Wrestling, Y&R Accident

Real Soap Opera: Why America Hates Breaking Up With Erica Kane
A survey that measured the effect of the television writers' strike of 2007-08, when many shows went off the air or were replaced by reruns, on college-age viewers may offer some insight into the psychological effects of this latest disruption to TV watchers' routines.

Soap Operas: Can They Survive?
Experts have come up with plenty of explanations as the why soap audiences have declined, and the first is simply sociological. "The old model of soap opera was built around an ideal viewer who no longer exists: the bored housewife," said Abigail De Kosnik, co-editor of "The Survival of the Soap Opera." "But since the 1950s, women have entered the workplace in droves. There are stay-at-home moms, but they are wealthier, and they regard their ability to dedicate themselves to their family's domestic concerns to be a privilege, even a marker of status."

In The Wake Of ABC Soap Opera Cancellation, Is The Death Of Soap Opera An Inevitability?
"Soap opera ratings have consistently declined since the 1970s, some of which is just inevitable due to societal changes and changes in media consumption in general. The decline for soap opera ratings, though, has been so much more severe than other genres. And, with the DVR and online video and so many other facets to tell stories through, one has to wonder why the soap opera can't thrive by finding a way to escape from daytime altogether..."

Closing the Book on Soaps
"Despite the rash of cancellations, the soap opera model is still viable, albeit with some necessary experimentation. When soaps were at their most popular, they aired live for 30 minutes daily with sets that were little more than kitchen tables and living-room couches."

New Podcast – Sam Ford talks Wrestling & Soap Opera
This is a fascinating conversation about the role of “soap opera” in pro wrestling and how both genres have evolved into a new media.

What ABC Canceling Soaps means to Wrestling
Sam Ford talks about the comparison between soap operas and pro wrestling.

Lynn Liccardo: Not Much To Say…...
"What I find even sadder than the actual loss of these shows is that for the third time in as many years heartbroken fans are working themselves into frenzy, organizing petitions drives and phone campaigns in what will undoubtedly be a futile effort to convince ABC to save the shows. I know that this is part of the grieving process, and fans need to get it out of their systems, but it's still hard to watch."

B&B Honored For Cancer Storyline
Later this month, THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL will be receiving the first ever PRISM LUNGevity award for their storyline about Stephanie's lung cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Accident On The Y&R Set!
THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS' fans will soon notice Billy sporting a cast on his hand. But this isn't a prop -- his portrayer, Billy Miller, actually broke his hand on set! "There was a big scene -- and I got really into it, and broke my hand," grins the actor. "It was a good scene. It wasn't smart, but for the [scene] it's as close to truth as you can possibly get, and I guess that's what you strive for. I wouldn't recommend it, though. I shattered my knuckle and broke my hand."

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