Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Agnes Nixon: 'Are people tired of stories? I don't think so'

In a brief new interview with, legendary soap writer Agnes Nixon says she does not believe people are tired of stories. She chalks the cancellation of ONE LIFE TO LIVE and ALL MY CHILDREN up to money saying, "It's the financial aspect of it. There are so many channels, so much competition. I think the whole country has ADD. Revenue has lessened because the ratings have gone down on all shows. Our network and the other two [major network] shows opposite us at 1 p.m., all three have lost 20 percent of audience. Advertisers don't pay as much, but the costs of production have gone up."

She also hopes for a happy ending for Erica Kane. Said Nixon, "We hope and we will try to have Erica Kane exit, if that's the word to use, happily. One of her problems is her abandonment complex. That's been the thread for 40 years, that she will never have enough "I love you. I love you, I love you." Let's just see if in the next few months Erica comes to realize that she's had it all along. Let's see if Erica gets to the point where she's content with herself."


  1. Hold on Ms Nixon, we the fans love you, your storytelling and Erica and AMC and OLTL!! We the fans are thousands strong and are fighting for our soaps. We are boycotting all things abc, disney, and their sponsors. Hoover Corporation has already pulled their advertising with abc and joined our soaps Facebook pages are where we meet!

  2. I am so sad over the cancellation of AMC & OLTL. I love the soaps, & I have been watching them for a really long time. I would watch them with my Mom, Grandmother, & Great Grandmother. I feel like I am losing a part of my family. I am heartbroken. Soaps are becoming extinct, & it's sad. This is a huge mistake cancelling these 2 wonderful soaps.I hope they reconsider their decision. I am praying, & will keep my fingers crossed. It is not fair. Please save & support our soaps. I am heartbroken. I wish someone else would put them on another network. That would be awesome. I hope someone would please sell the 2 soaps farewell endings on dvd. I would definately buy this. There is not much great shows on tv, anymore, and thank god for tv show's on dvd,& the TCM Channel. The networks are always cancelling the best of shows, 7 I am so tired of this. What it is going to literally happen, if there will not really be any good quality shows on tv anymore. I hope my prayers , will be answered, and AMC & OLTL will be saved, & remain on the air. i really don't know what the person or persons, who is in charge of this matter was thinking, & it will be the biggest mistake to end these 2 soaps.I am heartbroken.

  3. PEOPLE truly want to go back to storytelling, Why do you think Y & R and OLTL are the best? Look at the 70's, 80's and early 90's classic storytelling.