Sunday, April 17, 2011

NEWS: Jim Fitzpatrick, Michelle Collins, Edge, Eastenders

 WHERE ARE THEY NOW: AMC's Jim Fitzpatrick (ex-Pierce Reilly)
"I fell in love with a South American girl that was murdered a bunch of conquesto -- whatever they were!" he said in a new feature from Fox Tampa.

Who Killed the Daytime Soaps?
E! assembles the suspects and hosts "a tense cross-examination, Pine Valley-style."

EASTENDERS confession re-shot to add drama
The scene where Ronnie Branning hands Kat Moon’s child back was first filmed early last month.

EASTENDERS icon Michelle Collins joins CORONATION STREET
Collins, who was Albert Square bitch Cindy Beale, begins filming on Corrie next month and will be on screen from June. She is playing feisty Stella who will ruffle feathers along with husband Karl, portrayed by Taggart star John Michie, 54.

P&G Tracks Eyeballs Online -- Literally -- Using Webcam Home Test
Procter & Gamble Co. has signed with a company that uses webcams to literally track eyeballs online, and the results so far look pretty good at least for one of its brands, Pampers -- in Scandinavia.

An online ad for Pampers showed up as the most effective among 100 online ads from various marketers in a study among 400 participants viewing the ads at home in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. The study was conducted by Stockholm-based MRC Online EyeTracking, which uses webcams and software developed by Tobii Technology to follow viewers' gaze. MRC defined effectiveness based on where and how long people looked at elements of the advertising.

WWE loses Edge: A superstar retires
The sudden and unexpected retirement of Edge last week dealt a major blow to the WWE roster. Not only was the 37-year-old performer one of the most well-liked among the crew, he was a member of that rarefied air at the top of the WWE food chain, a true superstar who paid his dues to become one of the company’s most successful talents.

Social Traffic Worth Less to Publishers Than Search
According to a new analysis conducted by Outbrain, a company which provides widgets to publishers designed to keep readers on their sites longer, two thirds of traffic to sites still comes from either users directly visiting a content site or jumping from page to page within that site. Among the 33 percent of traffic that comes from outside sources, search accounts for 41 percent, versus 11 percent for social media—though that number is on the rise.

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