Saturday, April 13, 2013

NEWS: Why Netflix Viewing Isn’t Comparable to Cablers; TV Is Becoming SMASHVILLE; Maura West Joining GENERAL HOSPITAL?

In 2010 Maura West won a Daytime Emmy Award,
presented by Trevor St. John & Michael Easton.  Will
West show up on the same soap as Easton soon?
Maura West Headed For GENERAL HOSPITAL?
West may be joining the cast of ABC Daytime's GENERAL HOSPITAL in a top secret role. Could it be the mother of Franco's child (the long, lost Quartermaine heir)?

So are the DAYS of her life: Hagerstown Community College adjunct professor writes for daytime drama
When Jeanne Marie Ford was a student at Johns Hopkins University, she wasn't sure what she wanted to do. She had thought of joining the Army to be a linguist like her father.

"I changed my mind a zillion times, but ultimately I really wanted to give writing a shot," she said.

She landed her first job in the soap world with DAYS OF OUR LIVES as an unpaid intern right after earning her degree in psychology. Her parents, she said, weren't thrilled that their daughter, was moving to California, where the show is filmed, for no pay. But her gamble paid off.

"On my last day (at the internship), after I shipped all my stuff back, they hired me to be a writer's assistant," Ford said. It was 1992.

"I was hired for AS THE WORLD TURNS. Then I got fired from AS THE WORLD TURNS and was hired for ONE LIFE TO LIVE, then the writers went on strike," she said. "Ultimately, the guy who had fired me from DAYS had gotten fired himself."

So Ford soon found herself back at DAYS, where she's been since 2008.

Why Netflix Viewing Isn’t Comparable to Cablers
Based on new figures supplied by Netflix, the company streamed more than 87 minutes per day per subscriber in the first three months of 2013, BTIG analyst Rich Greenfield wrote in a research note. Adjusted for U.S. household distribution, that would make Netflix “essentially in line” with Mouse’s Disney Channel, according to the analyst.

But the comparison is apples and oranges. Greenfield’s analysis ignores on-demand and online views of traditional nets; that’s smaller than time spent watching live TV, but it’s growing. Also, cable nets are paid based on total household reach, selling ads against ratings. Netflix revenue is fixed at sub numbers too but company does not carry ads, so usage is indicator only of its relative popularity.

SMASHVILLE: Original songs from the hit TV series NASHVILLE — and other shows — are taking over iTunes and turning actors into legit pop stars
“These days, a songwriter getting a song on NASHVILLE must be like getting your book on Oprah’s Book Club used to be. It’s a chance to give your music the oxygen of attention,” says Rolling Stone contributing editor Rob Sheffield.

With The Rise Of Scripted Cable Programming, Has Television Oversaturated Its Own Marketplace?
The number of television shows has proliferated far faster than the amount of time we could dedicate to new programming could possibly expand.

John Stamos' First Headshot Card Is Stamolicious
"Look at that hair. Just look at it."

ONE LIFE TO LIVE guest star RiFF RaFF named Paper Magazine's Best Revenge of the Week
Rapper RiFF RaFF is set to play a role on ONE LIFE TO LIVE as "Jamie Franko," probably in retaliation to James Franco playing a character based off of him in Spring Breakers. How the tables have turned.

A Sneak Peek at THE FOLLOWING’s Transmedia Experiment
Beginning Monday, visitors to THE FOLLOWING's Tumblr page will be prompted to visit A Chamber Door, a new site designed to let viewers experience the cult of Joe Carroll firsthand. In a special video message, the charismatic killer (portrayed by actor James Purefoy) promises to "teach people to discover their own greatness," adding that his job as a teacher is to "help people become part of something bigger than they are."

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