Wednesday, August 22, 2012

DAYS OF OUR LIVES Promo: The DAYSaster Is Over But The Drama Continues

The DAYSaster is over but the drama continues on DAYS OF OUR LIVES. Are you enjoying the show? Watch NBC's latest extended promo for DAYS below:


  1. So far the new headwriters are dismantling everything the previous regime estanlished...

    the letter from Alice Horton was a hoax?

    it was Paulo who was dead and not Stefano?

    Will might not be gay after all?

    Next we;ll find out that Nicole's baby really isn't EJ's after all...and Daniel isn't Maggie's son.

  2. So if the Alice letter was a hoax, does this mean we can forget that John and Hope are "married"?

    I think the returning HW's are gracefully returning the show back to pacing and wit that it carried for most of 2009 / 2010. In addition to what Doug listed above, MAGGIE is back front and center, Adrienne and Justin are supporting, Sami and Rafe are being paired up again, E.J. is Stefano's son again, Nicole is scheming, the hospital set is back (anyone else miss it the past year?), and that creepy homophobic kid with an initial for a name has returned.

    Now if they could just get Peter Reckell, Molly Burnette, and Ian Buchanan to come back...

    So far I say: UPGRADE

  3. "estanlished" is my favorite typo of the year...I will be using it quite often. :)