Wednesday, December 12, 2012

THE INN: "Freaky" Photos of Denise Alexander, Mark Gantt, Crystal Chappell, and More

Something scary just happened!

There was a flicker, a creak, a cold draft--and then, about five minutes ago, my inbox lit up with... exclusive new photographs from THE INN, the latest (and creepiest) creation of Indie superstar Steve Silverman.

Where did they come from? How did they get here?

Like so much else about this spooky series, it's a mystery. All I know, is that the photos, which appear to be from the set, can't be found anywhere else--only on We Love Soaps. But they do seem to raise more questions than they answer. I wonder what it all means?

Tell us your thoughts in the Comments section below, but keep in mind, THE INN emerged from the same nutty noggin that created Best Web Series (Comedy) Indie Soap Award Winner PRETTY, a rather oddball work of genius. We'll have to be creative...

So, now, let's see, in addition to Denise Alexander, it looks like we have: Ray Proscia, Mark Gantt, Kyle David Pierce, Stuart Allen, Chuck Sloan and... sweet mother of God! It's Crystal Chappell! Let's look for clues.

Let's start with the great Denise Alexander, pictured above.. All Steve will reveal about her character is her name: "Lola." And yes, she is wearing a wig.  Is that a cloak and a broom as well?

Ray Proscia has been in MAD MEN, CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM, PRETTY; even GENERAL HOSPITAL: NIGHT SHIFT. He looks like he's got something to hide. Here's a fact: I really like that sweater.

Mark Gantt is THE BANNEN WAY dude. He executive produced it, starred in it, and won a bunch of awards for it. That series attracted literally millions of streams to Sony’s Crackle digital video network in 2010. I feel like Mark wants to tell us something, but he can't. Hrm.

I know that Steve wants me to think Chuck Sloan, here, plays a sheriff--and that makes me think he's anything but. What's that crap over on the stairs? Quick, someone: zoom, then enhance. Like in CSI!

Well now, Kyle David Pierce is looking good. And why shouldn't he? In 2012 he continued as a regular in BOYSTOWN and also appeared in The Dark Knight Rises. Kyle is a skydiver, is that a clue? C'mon, Steve Silverman, help us out here!

Ah, here we go. This kid, Stuart Allan, he looks like he could star in an M. Night Shyamalan film. Now we're talking. I love Stuart's work in the anti-bullying series, JEDI CAMP. He's also the squirrel lead in Disney's GUESS HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU. Will THE INN have an animated segment?

Paydirt! She's got two Emmys, she's been a regular on four soaps, and she's the star and creator of VENICE and THE GROVE. Now, Steve tells me she's his "Hitchcock Girl." And her name is, "Jane." Or at least, so she says. He says. Dammit! What did I tell you? I feel like I have more questions about THE INN now then before these photos materialized from the ether. I do know one thing for sure, now, though. THE INN has an amazing cast!

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We've learned Ms. Barbara Caruso was the photographer for all the above shots, but she was not the person that sent them to us. Great work, Barbi!

Steve may be tight-lipped when it comes to spoilers for THE INN, but has much praise for Barbi and her husband, Michael Caruso, the creator and star of DEVANITY.

"Barbi is an amazing photographer," he told me.  "And Michael has been THE INN's special angel - he's gotten me out of a number of jams to make this shoot happen - I can't thank him enough."

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  6. Your secret is safe with me ;)
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