Wednesday, April 18, 2012

WLS Interview Archive: Denise Alexander (October 2010)

Legendary actress Denise Alexander performed in over 2500 radio shows in New York starting at age 6, and was part of the transition from radio to television 60 years ago. In the 1950s she appeared in numerous primetime shows as a teenager, and in 1960 made her television soap debut on the West Coast in THE CLEAR HORIZON. Following a stint on BEN JERROD she was cast in the breakthrough role of Susan Hunter Martin on DAYS OF OUR LIVES. In 1973 GENERAL HOSPITAL was able to sign her to a contract as Lesley Webber, a role she's played on and off ever since. In 2010 she was named on of the 50 Greatest Soap Actress of All-Time by our panel of critics. Later that year she was part of another transition, from television to the internet, as she joined the cast of the Indie Soap Award-winning comedy, PRETTY. She has now been announced as part of the cast of the upcoming web series, THE INN.

Below are links to our four-part interview with Denise Alexander from October 2010:

Part 1 - Alexander spoke about her early career on radio and television, her first three TV soaps including the breakthrough role of Susan Hunter Martin on DAYS OF OUR LIVES. She also revealed how her appearance on PRETTY came about.

Part 2 - Alexander talked about leaving DAYS and joining the cast of GENERAL HOSPITAL as Lesley Webber, her years on that soap, and how it felt during the height of fame during the show's glory years.

Part 3 - Alexander shared memories of leaving GH, joining ANOTHER WORLD, and returning to Port Charles many years later.

Part 4 - Alexander revealed how she met PRETTY creator Steve Silverman, what it was like working on PRETTY Season Two, and how credits the solid foundation from her parents with helping her have a lasting career as a working actress.

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