Tuesday, April 24, 2012

FLASHBACK: In 1976, DAYS OF OUR LIVES Cast Was the "Most Musical"

Who knew? The cast of DAYS OF OUR LIVES had all kinds of awesome musical talent back in the 70's. In this fun "Special Feature," from the third 1976 volume of "Daytime TV Super Special," we get a rundown on everyone's musical background, along with some photos catching them in the (musical) act. Is today's DAYS OF OUR LIVES cast still the most musical in daytime TV?

In addition to photos of Mark Tapscott (and family), Wesley Eure, Patty Weaver, Mundell Lowe, Edward Mallory, Robert Clary, John Clarke, Jed Allen, and a dolled-up Bill Hayes, there's a mini-resume for almost everyone. They make a compelling case for DAYS' "Most Mucisal" status.

Entitled "THE MOST MUSICAL CAST ON DAYTIME TV: Almost Everybody on Days of Our Lives Sings or Dances," the article contains all sorts of trivia tidbits about stars like, for example, Bill Hayes and Suzanne Rogers, and really emphasizes how closely intertwined the soap opera and Broadway theater world were in 1976.
For example:
Bill Hayes started on Broadway in Me and Juliet and Bye Bye Birdie; starred in TV and radio variety shows and made a hit record, "The Ballad of Davy Crockett"... Suzanne Rogers (Maggie Hanson) started her career as a Rockette at Radio City Music Hall; danced and sang in the Broadway hits, Funny Girl, 110 in the Shade, Hallelujah Baby and Follies.

We've also reproduced the colorful front cover and table of contents of the magazine, in which the the special feature ran on pages 10 and 11. Please click on the image of each page to expand it into it's own window. Then, you can click again to view an even larger, nicely readable version.

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