Tuesday, April 10, 2012

AXED FROM DAYS: Matthew Ashford, Sarah Brown, Christie Clark & Patrick Muldoon

Soap Opera Digest is reporting the cast cuts have begun at DAYS OF OUR LIVES with Matthew Ashford (Jack), Sarah Brown (Madison), Christie Clark (Carrie) and Patrick Muldoon (Austin) all reportedly told their characters are leaving Salem.

Co-executive producer Greg Meng hinted at big changes in an earlier interview with TV Guide Magazine: "We're looking at weaving people in and out, and bringing them back later if we can. And that's all I'm going to say about that right now."

Sarah Brown, who was voted No. 9 on our 50 Greatest Soap Actresses of All-Time list in 2010, tweeted later in the day: "Don't know if it's true, but, who ever leaked that story should consider that no one wants to find out they have lost their job via Twitter" and then "Ken Corday & Greg Meng are class, they would not do that to us. Wasn't them who leaked it, & I didn't hear it first on Twitter. Who leaked?"

The character of Jack debuted 25 years ago today. Matt Ashford posted a message to fans on his Facebook fan page in response to the news: "As you've probably heard, the news came out today that my character (and I) will be leaving the show. That's the way it goes in this business. More details later... meanwhile-as always-thank you to everyone for your support."

Ashford will continue to star on THE BAY as Steve Jensen.

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  1. Terrible that popular actors are losing their jobs. But they were the least interesting characters to come back to the canvas overall. I think there was potential to salvage some of this though, but I'm going to guess much of this is about budget concerns.

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  3. Will miss Carrie - she is the best character of the bunch. Jack has really just been in the way since he returned and Austin's storyline is seemingly finished. Madison never really had a chance to shine since Ian came to town and stole her thunder. My guess is that there will be a Madison murder and the suspects will be Ian, Kate, Sami and Brady.

  4. On another website months ago, I posted about Sony losing a lot of money in regards to their failing Electronics Division (e.g. they can't seem to sell many TVs anymore). In my post, I wondered if this could at all affect other divisions at Sony, in particular, shows like Y&R. At the time, I didn't know that Days is also produced by Sony.
    A few days ago, I posted on a different site that Sony plans to layoff 10,000 of its global workforce. No one has responded. This morning, it was released that Sony posted a loss of $4.6 billion. Later today, the firings were announced.
    I'm not saying that one event necessarily leads to this but I wonder where the pressure (assuming there is pressure) to make such radical maneuvers all of a sudden? The timing is quite intriguing. I'm speaking as someone who has never seriously followed Days, so I am no expert on the show's dynamics, just posing this thought.

  5. Whomever TIIC are at DOOL better beat their continuing drug & alcohol habits.

    Damn, Damn, DAMN, DAMN!

  6. I personally was looking for soap last fall and never been a viewer of NBC (except AW) and all the hype of the reboot about DOOL, "stating" going to be going back to traditional type stories around family, love, and romance and a friend grew up on NBC's soaps help me decide to give Days a chance. My friend actually went back to DOOL as a viewer after many, many years. He hated the JER period and stopped watching back then and I did enjoy Days and what they were doing or at least trying to do. Sure, there was some minor problems and definitely needed tweaked but when they changed EP from Noel to Passionless EP Lisa I started seeing the different direction with the ridiculous Gina\Pawn story...WTF! Since she arrived we stopped seeing Maggie\Victor put on the back burner, stories were changed, it was evident. The story of Will coming out is the strongest at this point. But what gets under my skin about this story has nothing to do with the actors but every soap site is making it like it is the best and BY FAR the only story of coming out. All these sites "suck up" and I don't want it to be the only story, I love soaps for all kinds of characters. I'm a gay male and yes I might be partial being a CBS viewer but ATWT w\Luke's coming out, and GL Olivia was as superb in story. Now all I read is bashing on the other soaps coming out stories and how "Will's story" is the cat's meow" compared to the other soaps. I disagree. As for other characters I liked Madison as a character (one of few) but Carrie & Austin was boring, I sorta liked Carrie & Rafe mixing it up. What I did fall in love with about DOOL was Ejole, loved Nicole & EJ. I stopped watching Days back in February I saw what was coming down the road. I packed up my "Barbies" and went back home to CBS and started watching Y&R & B&B again. Regardless of the ugly state Y&R is in which I still want MAB and cronies gone, I actually have seen some changes in (slow as molasses) direction in Y&R. There are some positives. B&B is the best soap on any TV right now. Some would disagree but the writing is so tight in direction and very traditional style in story telling, with Brad, Kay, & Jack and Ed Scott as supervising producer...that's a team. The soap which is can't miss I'm enjoying the most is ATWT free online episodes from 2005 from the Netherlands' website. What baffles me it is a Hogan period and how can you be this good and that bad on another soap? I have always said if Hogan was sole HW of Y&R with co-HW as on ATWT then Y&R would probably be in a better state. Hogan had Jean P and set of traditional soap writers to ground his stories, where Y&R you MAB, not traditional soap writer, just married in the family, Scott comes from prime time, Hogan is all over the map with Y&R. It's a war out there now in soapland and people are taking sides and I tried to be positive for all soaps but it not happening, the proof is on the sites that have "The Best & Worst" soaps of the week. It's worthless to vote now, because B&B royally gets bashed to shreds for no reason, I can understand sometimes about Y&R, but DAYS & GH is not the best soaps on TV, they are both a mess. If they were so great or on "fire" as keeps saying it would honestly reflect in the real ratings. There are more people across this country that doesn't go to soap sites that are watching or not watching. DOOL & GH is reflecting the horrible state each are in when it comes to true viewers.

  7. As long as they leave Deidre and Drake a lone i am Ok with the change. I am sorry they are letting Carrie and Austion go. I just hope they have a new story line up for John and Marlena that be has to do with them in the most part.

  8. Keep Carrie for God's sake!!! She's the only thing making Rafe tolerable, and he's too hot to be going anywhere.

  9. What the heck? He just came back! I only watch clips of the show that have Jack and Jenn on it. I'm not a fan anymore. :( Please keep him!!!

  10. DAMN them for letting Sarah Brown and Matthew Ashford go! I believe I'm through watching Days.

  11. I really liked the madison/brady pairing! So sad that they let Sarah go! Hope they bring her back.

  12. Sarah was the best actress on the whole cast. She and Brady could have been the next Bo and Hope!! What are you people thinking?