Sunday, August 22, 2010

WLS Interview Archive: Bill And Susan Seaforth Hayes

It's been a big week for Susan Seaforth Hayes!  The mutli-talented legend made daytime history on August 18, 2010, by appearing in pivotal court scenes on two different shows (DAYS and Y&R) on the same day! We Love Soaps recently caught up with the dynamic duo of Bill and Susan Hayes, discussed their history on and off-screen, as well as their reflections and insights into the world of daytime television.  Please enjoy this interview conducted by Damon and his mother back in May 2010.

In Part One: We discuss the power of daytime television to transform and heal its audience, Bill and Susan's first meeting, and the 1976 wedding of Doug & Julie that inspired millions of parties across the world (including Damon's home!)

In Part Two: Bill and Susan remember their "days" with Betty Corday, Ken Corday, and Bill's initial reluctance to work on a soap opera.

In Part Three: Bill and Susan share details of Susan's pre-DAYS years and memories of Frances Reid.

In Part Four: Susan reveals previously untold insights, reflections, and regrets about her past "mean" on-set behavior. They both discuss working with the much-missed Brenda Benet.

In Part Five:  Bill and Susan share what led to the end of Doug & Julie's reign in Salem, as well as their individual comebacks on DAYS in the following years.     

In Part Six: Susan shares insights into expressing her opinions openly, and both discuss what they would do if put in charge of DAYS.

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