Tuesday, January 31, 2012

ALICE & THE MONSTER: Anthony Geary Anchors Cast of Punisher77's New Web Series

Punisher77, the award-winning producers of the independent webseries GOLD and Night of the ZOMBIE KING, have just announced cast and principle production dates for their latest project, ALICE & THE MONSTER.

The new web series, a serio-comic romance about a young woman diagnosed with cancer, will feature Shannon Nelson (Drop Dead Gorgeous) in the role of Alice, with strong supporting turns from David H. Lawrence XVII (HEROES), Lilas Lane (ALIEN SIEGE), Abigail Marlowe (COMMUNITY), David Nett (GOLD), and the anchoring support of Anthony Geary, who has portrayed Luke Spencer on GENERAL HOSPITAL since 1978.

"We're incredibly lucky to be working with this amazing cast," said creator Andrew R. Deutsch, who wrote the script with Nett and Rick Robinson. "We've been working on this project for so long, it's time for these talented folks to give it a voice. I can't wait to get started."

According to the producers, Geary's addition to the cast was happy coincidence. "I met Tony [Geary] doing theater a little over a year ago, and he was such an amazing actor and person," said Nett. "We'd been struggling with a really key character, George, who is a cancer survivor and Alice's mentor and father figure. He just felt stiff and stuffy. We started writing for Tony, with that wry humor, that sense of lightness, and the character just took off."

ALICE & THE MONSTER begins principle photography in mid-February, under the co-direction of Rick Robinson (NIGHT OF THE ZOMBIE KING) and Indie Soap Award nominee Frederick Snyder (SOLO, NIGHT OF THE ZOMBIE KING), with a tentative online release targeted for late 2012.

Where to find it:
Visit the show's official website at aliceandthemonster.com

How you can help:
Support the show's fundraising efforts at IndieGoGo

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