Tuesday, May 18, 2010

EXCLUSIVE: GH Reacts to #1 Anthony Geary

As We Love Soaps has counted down the 50 Greatest Soap Actors of All Time, we have brought you quotes from current and former co-stars, producers and writers sharing their thoughts and memories of each. With the revelation that Anthony Geary has been named #1 by our panel, we have exclusive reaction from those who have worked with him on General Hospital.

Jill Farren Phelps: (executive producer of General Hospital) I remember the first moment Tony walked on the General Hospital stage all those years ago. He was this magical presence from the start – captivating and fearless and funny and brilliant. With Tony's entrance into General Hospital, a legend was born and a new standard was set.

I feel absolutely privileged to work with Tony today. He’s still a magical man – generous and humble and such an incredibly brave performer. I’m not ashamed to say that after all these years, Tony Geary continues to take my breath away.

Jonathan Jackson: (works with Geary on General Hospital) For me, Anthony Geary is not only the best daytime actor of all time, but one of the best actors of his generation period. Film, television or theatre; Tony Geary is on another planet from the average performer.

His raw, nuanced, fierce and unpredictable craft, along with his natural gift as a storyteller and writer enable Tony to explore the heights and depths of the human experience with passion and precision. He is a truly gifted and dedicated actor as well as an amazing person of grace and humility.

Julie Marie Berman: (works with Geary on General Hospital) Tony is very special to me. He respects me, never judges me, and in turn, inspires me. I've always talked about my admiration for his work, and more importantly, his creativity and play in the work. But the man, himself, is the reason we love him on TV. He takes risks. He loves life. He's unbelievably funny. His hair is an artform. Tony is an unforgettable, wonderful human being. I truly love that man to death.

Nathan Parsons: (works with Geary on General Hospital) Anthony Geary is one of those rare artists who is truly fearless in his work. He crashes through boundaries, regardless of the cost, to uncover the truths most are too afraid to reveal. Working with him, I have learned the meaning of integrity. I have learned to fight for what I believe in and to not be afraid to break the status quo. He built a legacy that defined our medium so its no surprise he was voted #1. He's earned it.

Brandon Barash: (works with Geary on General Hospital) Tony has mastered the art of playing the anti-hero. He has that intangible element of seemingly effortless complexity to his performance...a true gem. I frequently refer to his clips on YouTube for inspiration - something I've done since I was cast.

Kin Shriner: (worked with Geary on General Hospital) It is wise when playing ping pong play with someone better and it will improve your game. That is what Mr. Geary is to me as an actor. He improves my game and everybody else's and after all these years... I still can't beat him. I have worked with quite a number of actors in daytime on a lot of shows and Tony is the greatest of all.

Jacklyn Zeman: (worked with Geary on General Hospital) Tony Geary is the big brother I always wanted. On camera he has star quality and is always interesting and exciting to watch.


  1. A true gift to every GH viewer... Mr. Geary is capable of evoking a symphony of emotion between two commercial breaks, from these flat panels in our living rooms. THAT is what art is about. His creations may not be hanging on the wall of the Louvre, or MMA but the conception and execution of his works, is not any less grand. The fact that he can still create it, and make us feel every emotion we are capable of as human beings in the vacuum that GH has become (emulating reality TV, where the only thing they seem to want to make us feel is shock) is a true testament to Mr. Geary's genius. I so want to turn the television off, but I don't want to miss a minute of his performance and hold on hoping for another wonderful story written by Mr. Geary for some of our favorite GH characters. After L&L original tale, his Luke and Laura return story was my absolute favorite. Thank you just doesn't seem to be enough for all the amazing entertainment he has given us over his career, but all I have.
    Thank you Mr. Geary. You have touched our hearts, souls and minds for three decades. We still can't get enough.

  2. Mr. Geary deserves this and a whole lot more. There is nothing he can't do on that screen. He has proven it time and time again with not only Genie Francis by his side but many others. He has excitement and intrigue and heartfelt emotion that just emanates from him. It is no surprise that he is number 1 on this list. He makes every scene a stand out one and we love to watch him do it.

  3. I dont care how old he gets, he's still HOT HOT HOT!!! I have been in love with him since I was 9 years old (1979)!

  4. It is nice to see so much respect and admiration from those who work with him.

  5. Yay for Tony Geary!

    This list has been fantastic! The actresses list was great too, except for the Ruth Warrick omission(hehehe I just had to say that again)