Tuesday, January 31, 2012

GENERAL HOSPITAL's Kimberly McCullough & Jason Thompson Discuss Final Scenes (Spoiler)

Kimberly McCullough has been doing a series of interviews with her GENERAL HOSPITAL co-stars and crew as she prepares to leave the soap and her character of Robin Scorpio Drake.

In the interview with Jason Thompson (Patrick), she asks him how he feels about sharing their final scenes together.

"I don't know if it's the last scene. I'm trying not to think that way," he says.

"It's the last scene while I'm alive though," she replies.

Then she tells him they have one more scene to tape together (presumably after Robin dies).

"I'm totally overwhelmed and in denial," she later says.

Watch the interview below:

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  1. I think I am still in denial with Kimberly leaving. GH won't be the same without Robin. Robin is the heart of GH. There was so much time wasted by GH writers, even now, with Kimberly leaving soon. Still upset Liz told Patrick as that was Robin's place and NO one else. The reveal should have been like the others with Robin & Patrick. It is a Scrubs story. Liz and Jason should have no part in this story. Robin would never abandon her family and would never ask ANY woman let alone an unstable woman, Liz, who just tricked Lucky and left her own children to go to Shadybrook,to take her place. I won't watch GH, even with the vets returning, unless Robin is kidnapped and Patrick NEVER gives up on Robin. Emma has "ONE" mommy and that is Robing. Wish Scrubs got a happy ending after 2 years of the Lisa garbage. Not interested in seeing Robin's husband and daughter move on.

  2. This is like when they killed Lesley in 1984, only to bring her back in 1996. it would better if she dies off screen or goes into a coma or Fake her death. Perhaps she could go to prison for Lisa's Murder and come back in 6 months, I know Ron C would never Kill off the heart of the show. I am sure they can re-write.

  3. I JUST started watching GH and her character had a lot to do with it. Turns out my mom named me after her and I couldn't have been happier once I started to watch. She is such a great character. Sad to see her go. Feels like I just found her and now I'm missing out... Guess there's always YT : (

  4. With GH likely to get canceled this year, why can't Robin and Patrick have a happy ending? He could have another story, not romantic, while she is out of town and she could return for the final episode.

  5. I just watched the video of Jane Elliot (Tracy), and I have to admit she seems like such an outstanding human... kind of reminds me a little of Colleen Zenk (ATWT Barbara), a very kind, down-to-earth lady!@ She has known Kimberly since she was 11 yrs old (or at least 1989 is when she first returned to the show since leaving in 1980), and their tearful expression towards the end was very moving. Glad I got to see some behind the scenes interaction between these two.