Tuesday, September 27, 2011

SURVEY RESULTS: DAYS OF OUR LIVES Reboot is a Success, Deidre Hall as Popular as Ever

DAYS OF OUR LIVES launched DAYS 2.0 on Monday, September 26, with the goal of keeping the show alive and vibrant for years to come. Deidre Hall previewed her return in our recent interview: "We come back to Salem in the midst of high drama. And the entire town - every single citizen is affected by what happens."

We asked our readers what they thought of the first episodes of this relaunched DAYS. Here are the results. It is great to see evidence, however preliminary, that the audience of one of the few remaining daytime soap operas is happy, healthy, and maybe even growing.

QUESTION #1: What did you think of Monday's DAYS OF OUR LIVES episode?
42.2% Loved it
23.3% Liked it
16.7% Neutral
7.8% Disliked it
5.6% Hated it
4.4% Other

"It was so 'built up' I was expecting a lot more and was a little bored at times."

"Welcome home to John and Marlena!"

"One question, why are John and Marlena the guests of honor at Tom and Alice's tribute? They've been DiMeras, Bradys, Alimains, Evanses, etc, but neither have ever been Hortons. Why not Bill and Marie as the guest of honor?"

QUESTION #2: Which couple deserved to be given the red carpet A-List treatment the most?
46.0% Marlena & John
32.2% Julie & Doug
6.9% Adrienne & Justin
6.5% Sami & Rafe
5.7 Maggie & Victor
2.7% Lexi & Abe
0.0% Carrie & Austin

Comments: There were two write in votes for Bo & Hope and one for EJ & Nicole.

QUESTION #3: How often will you watch this week?
69.2% Every day
14.3% Waiting to see how tomorrow goes
12.1% Some days
4.4% No more after today

It looks like most of our survey participants really enjoyed the first day of the "reboot" and will be watching all week!

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