Monday, September 26, 2011

LIVE BLOG: Watching The DAYS "Reboot" With We Love Soaps!

Damon L. Jacobs lived-blogged during the first episode of the DAYS OF OUR LIVES "reboot" which aired 1 p.m. ET here in New York City. Read the his stream of thoughts below.

:00 - Already seeing my favorites: Hope, Bo, Doug, Julie, Jenn, and Daniel.  YES, I like Daniel.

:01 - How long has it been since Matt Ashford has shaved? Short beard = cute.  Long beard = mountain man. 

:03 - Half a dozen cast members stop to pay attention to Maggie.  This is good. 

:04 - Enough with the "Judi Evans is ancient" jokes !! 

:06 - Who would YOU like to see in the "bouncy house?" 

:07 - Uh, Patty? Did I miss something? 

:08 - Rafe can officially be called "the two minute man." 

:09 - "Julie will you hold my purse?" - Ah, once again Julie left holding Hope's stuff. 

:11 - EJ: "They actually did something right."  - My thoughts exactly.  

:13 - First commercial break - I am actually in awe.  I have been watching this show for 40 years (41 if you include the womb) and am very impressed so far.  

:15 - OH, Patty was the rumored Jennifer Aniston role

:16 - What's wrong with Will?  He's the only one not smiling.  

:17 - Beautiful unveiling of the Tom / Alice plaque 

:18 - Will's on line at the event? On what, Grindr?  

:18 - "E.J. dates? I thought he only married women or held them prisoner."  SNAP! HOPE! 

:21 - Second commercial break : I think they are doing a great job so far of building suspense and featuring beloved characters.  Kudos to the set designers, costumes, and great lighting! 

:22 - Did Daniel just give Jenn tongue? 

:24 - Something we haven't seen in Salem for years:  EXTRAS 

:25 - "Something came up,"- Rafe.  Nothing like seeing your father-in-law right after sex

:27 - Third commercial break.  So what exactly were Carrie & Austin doing this whole time?  Watching the party from above?  Doing Sudoku? 

:32 - Note to self: If I grow a beard I can run around town and eavesdrop on all my friends without them recognizing me 

:33 - Carrie is a lawyer?  Did she go to the Chris Kositchek school of law ? (who gets that one?) 

:34 - Kate would rather hang out with Chloe than friends at a party.  Maybe I've missing something about the overtures in this story? 

:37 - Starting to rethink this whole Kate/Chloe thing.  It makes a lot more sense if Kate secretly wants her for herself. 

:38 - Jenn busted Sami!  And ran off!! Nice friend! 

:39 - Yes it took :39 minutes to give Renee Jones a line.  Not a good "day." 

:40 - Judi Evans makes every line so much fun.  

:41 - Looks like Jenn wants to do the two minute Rafe tango with Daniel right now

:42 - Carrie is surprised Will has grown up in the past four years? Considering it only took Sami 16 months to go from 8-year-old to 16-years-old it hardly seems strange

:47 - Wally Kurth can't ever not look adorable

:49 - Maggie & Melanie! YES - please keep this friendship going! Love every scene with these two!

:50 - Doug & Julie can clearly outdance Bo & Hope any day

:52 - So why are Marlena & John running so late? Are they reliving their airplane romp from '93? 

:53 - Commercial break - this went really fast! 

:54 - What is Victor planning? 

:56 - Doug is really distracted by that camera

:56 - Marlena & John treated like A-list celebrities.  Well, I guess saving the town from Satan gets you some clout. 

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  1. Thanks for this, Damon. I'm going to watch tonight on SOAPnet in DAYS' new timeslot 8 p.m. ET on that channel. Normally I record DAYS on NBC if I can't watch live, but my DVR didn't work today.