Tuesday, August 30, 2011

WE LOVE SOAPS TV 3.07 On The Set Of DAYS With Drake Hogestyn

On Episode 3.07, Damon L. Jacobs travels to the set of DAYS OF OUR LIVES and continues our series of interviews with actor Drake Hogestyn, who plays John Black. Hogestyn talks about his return to the soap, seeing old friends, returning to his dressing room, and even throws in a story from his baseball days.

Watch our latest episode below and let us know what you think. Enjoy a few of our favorite quotes, and tell us who you would like to see on WE LOVE SOAPS TV next.

Drake Hogestyn: My teammates, my roommates, they would order up room service, and they would watch soap operas... when they were coming up here to play the Dodgers, they would call me up, "Hey Hogie, can we come on the set?"
At that time, I was in a romance: Roman and Diana, remember that? Genie Francis was my costar, and here were these big baseball players, and they came into the studio and they just melted, like little kids, in front of Genie...

WE LOVE SOAPS TV: You've played so many characters... How do you keep all this straight in your mind?
Drake Hogestyn: You know, it's interesting, in my dressing room--the one I was in for a long preriod of time (until I left) I had written on my wall... it was like a diagrammed sentence: all my storylines, where they went, who was involved, so I could keep track...

Drake Hogestyn: John comes back to Salem at the very tail end of the recovery process, only to meet another foe... as soon as he lands, we're off and running on a new storyline. It's topical, it's torn out of the front page news, it's something people can relate to... they're character-driven stories...you can't stop turning the pages of your script.

Watch on YouTube here.

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