Tuesday, September 21, 2010

NEWS: Daniella Alonso, Dickens, CORONATION STREET DVDs

CORONATION STREET upcoming DVD releases
Up first, the CORONATION STREET Golden Anniversary Collection. This is a 12 disc box set. Amazon describes the product as "The complete CORONATION STREET anthology, featuring all the pinnacle moments of life on the cobbles. The ultimate collector's box set, celebrating the past 50 years on CORONATION STREET, this very special box set includes the following programs: The Stars of the Street--50 Classic Characters, the very first episode, 30 other key and ground-breaking episodes featuring familiar faces young and old, including the most memorable episode when Prince Charles was on set, six CORONATION STREET family albums, CORRIE Controversies, eight special programs focusing on different families and events central to the past 50 years and The Street Undressed. " This set rwill be released on October 11.

New German soap debuts
WEISSENSEE, a new nighttime soap opera on the German public television network ARD, debuted last week to large audiences. It's the first German television drama of its kind to be set in East Germany.

Annette Bening, Julianne Moore vie for Oscars for The Kids Are All Right
As Entertainment Weekly points out, their nomination would be the sixth time a movie featured two Best Actress nominees: Thelma and Louise (Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon), Terms of Endearment (Shirley Maclaine and Debra Winger), The Turning Point (Anne Bancroft and Shirley Maclaine), Suddenly, Last Summer (Katharine Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor), All About Eve (Anne Baxter and Bette Davis). Of that group, only Shirley Maclaine took home the trophy.

‘Serial Readers: Dickens and the Victorian Soap Opera’
‘Serial Readers: Dickens and the Victorian Soap Opera’ will take a look at the original publication of Dickens novels in weekly or monthly parts within popular magazines. Rare first editions of works by Charles Dickens and some of the author’s personal belongings will be on show at the event at the University of Leicester on Tuesday, October 5.

Daniella Alonso revisits high school in MY GENERATION
“Brenda in high school is very driven and focused and she wants to change the world,” Alonso said. “She’s also very open. She (is) in love and she just thinks life has so many opportunities. Brenda in 2010 has lived through a lot of things that have changed her views of the world so she’s a little more guarded and not as trusting. She’s a little tougher to crack.”

MEDIAWEEK: Monday primetime soaps fail to resonate in overnight ratings
Fox also had mixed results care of the seventh season-premiere of HOUSE (#2: 7.4/11 at 8 p.m.), which dropped by 14 percent from the first-half of a two-hour installment one year earlier (8.6/14 on Sept. 21, 2009), and the series-premiere of LONE STAR (#4: 2.8/ 5). Comparably, retention for dead-on-arrival LONE STAR out of the 8:30 p.m. portion of HOUSE (7.5/11) was a mere 37 percent. And it dipped by 22 percent in the second half-hour (3.2/ 5 to 2.5/ 4). Considering most new shows drop in the vicinity of 10 to 20 percent in their second weeks, tick, tock…the cancellation clock is ticking for LONE STAR. [EDITOR'S NOTE: We loved LONE STAR.]

The CW closed the evening with original episodes of 90210 (#5: 1.6/ 2) and GOSSIP GIRL (#5: 1.4/ 2), which never deliver in the overnights and are considered “losers” using that benchmark.


  1. Roger & Damon,

    Lonestar went up against the heavily publicized "The Event," which is a sci-fi soap/serial, right?

    As much as people want to deny it, "24" was a soap opera. It did well in that time slot. Viewers of "24" have just moved on to "The Event," which offers that same kind adventure, mystery, sci-fi, and politics.

    "Lonestar" was poorly advertised and didn't properly emphasize sex and danger enough to hold onto "24" viewers.

    Realistically, "Lonestar" would probably do better on FX or AMC. FX did well with its soapy and edgy soaps, "The Sheild" and "Nip/Tuck."

    As for the CW shows, "Gossip Girl" has seen better days. This will probably be its last season. "90210" has 2 good years left in it.

    But, the CW teen soaps are packaged and sold differently. Ratings are slightly less important (as long as they are disastrous like last year's "The Beautiful Life"). Money is made from international sales, product placement, and DVD sales.

    "Lone Star" will probably be moved to a different night. It might do better paired with "Glee," another night time soap.

  2. I have a feeling The Event will drop drastically next week, but having Sunday night football to advertise their Monday shows definitely helps NBC. I hope Lone Star rises next week.

  3. I liked "Lone Star", too. Good acting, interesting storylines - and the lead guy is gorgeous. Hopefully its ratings will improve - or they'll move it to another night.