Monday, July 5, 2010

Red Carpet Interview: Eden Riegel At Daytime Emmys

Emmy winner Eden Riegel stopped to dish with us at the 37th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards about her new role as Heather on THE YOUNG YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS, as well as the future of IMAGINARY BITCHES.  Plus, how does she really feel about Bianca's recast on ALL MY CHILDREN? Read below to find out!

We Love Soaps: I’m here with Emmy winning actress Eden Riegel.  It’s so great to see you again.
Eden Riegel: It’s so great to be be here.

We Love Soaps: And we are happy to have you back on our screens as Heather on YOUNG & THE RESTLESS.
Eden Riegel: I know (fans scream in the background), oh my god it’s loud! This is exciting!  I love the show, I love the rest of the cast, they have been very welcoming.  It was very difficult to make this decision, and painful for me to say goodbye to Bianca on ALL MY CHILDREN, which I love so much.  But they have an amazing recast.  The new Bianca started airing, and she is fantastic.  I couldn’t be more thrilled that she is in such capable hands.  And I’m having a brand new experience with a character who is tough, sassy, and bitchy, so I’m having a great time. 

We Love Soaps: It’s interesting because you grew up in front of us on ALL MY CHILDREN and now are in a completely different setting.  What have you learned about yourself going from one show to the other?
Eden Riegel: I’ve learned that I love challenges.  I like being out of my comfort zone.  Even though it is scary, it is much more rewarding. 

We Love Soaps: Speaking of challenges, when are we going to see more IMAGINARY BITCHES?
Eden Riegel: I wish I could tell you! There’s stuff brewing and it could very well come back but I can’t say anything yet because it is not for sure.  We’re still really trying.  And that show is so important to me.  Hopefully we will have a big big announcement sometime this year.  You guys better get to the gym and get to some acting class because we’re going to need you again. 

We Love Soaps: We'll be there! We are in Vegas, and Catherine and Heather are completely out of control!
Eden Riegel: They will not put clothes on! It’s Vegas and everybody dresses slutty, but that doesn’t mean you can go around naked with your bits hanging out! You can’t do that.

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