Thursday, May 13, 2010

ALL MY CHILDEN Recasts Bianca - Christina Bennett Lind

TV Guide Magazine is reporting that ALL MY CHILDREN has hired Christina Bennett Lind to play the role of Bianca, made famous by Eden Riegel. After Riegel signed with THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS earlier this year, AMC announced they wanted to bring the character back.

“The audition for Bianca felt like an amusement park ride,” says the New York-based Lind, who was one of four finalists who were tested at the new AMC studio in L.A. “It was such a thrill to go to an audition by plane rather than subway! I can only hope I do half of what Eden did with the part. She played it with amazing grace and dignity. Now I need to breathe my own life into it.”

She’ll also be breathing a little fire. Bianca returns to Pine Valley June 14 totally freaked about the fate of her mom, Erica (Susan Lucci), whose private plane has mysteriously vanished. She immediately confronts Greenlee (Rebecca Budig) whom she, quite rightly, thinks is connected to Erica’s disappearance.

Don’t look for Bianca’s lover Reese to tag along. The character, played by Tamara Braun, will remain in Paris with the two children. “We do want to continue playing the Reese-Bianca relationship because it was so unique,” says Carruthers. “I have talked to Tamara about coming back, but I don’t know schedules and availability and such. I don’t want to recast Reese, so it’s up in the air at the moment.”

Once AS THE WORLD TURNS leaves the airwaves in September (taking Luke, Noah and Reid out with it), Bianca will be the only major gay character on daytime soaps.


  1. This is GREAT news! Bianca needs to be in Pine Valley. Now Kendall needs to come home.

  2. All My Children needs to stop messing with me. McTavish and Pratt have ruined my favorite soap character of all time, and now when the writing gets good again, they go and recast her!! I don't even know how to feel right now.