Monday, July 5, 2010

Red Carpet Interview: Paul Rauch At Daytime Emmys

Few individuals have impacted American soaps as much as Paul Rauch.  How does he navigate changes in daytime? And is there a tell-all book coming? Read below! 

We Love Soaps: I am here with the legendary Executive Producer of THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS, as well as past producer of ANOTHER WORLD, ONE LIFE TO LIVE, SANTA BARBARA, GUIDING LIGHT, so many of the shows we have watched and loved. How are you tonight?
Paul Rauch: I’m very well. I’m very excited about being here.

We Love Soaps: THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS is up for so many awards, and received many awards at the Creative Emmys, particularly in Art Direction
Paul Rauch: That was great.  Bill Hultstrom really deserved that award.

We Love Soaps: One thing we have always noticed about shows you have worked on is that there always is an aesthetic that is sharp, bright, and that has always been important to you.
Paul Rauch: It has, and that started way before my tenure on the show.  This show has a quality that is historic.  My job is to keep that up and build it. 

We Love Soaps: We spoke with Harding Lemay about his work with you on ANOTHER WORLD.  Looking back on that time, what have been the biggest changes you have seen?
Paul Rauch: It’s negative in a sense.  We’re not doing the kind of location work we used to do.  And that’s primary budget driven.  But on the other hand, it’s caused us to become much more character driven than we were in the past.  We’re excited about that.

We Love Soaps: You have so many memories and stories about working on daytime.  When are we going to get to read your book?
Paul Rauch: Maybe soon. [To Roger] You have a big smile on your face.

To see this interview, as well as interviews with Tonya Lee Williams, Greg Rikaart, Michael Muhney and Judith Chapman, watch WLS TV #35

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