Monday, July 5, 2010

Red Carpet Interview: Judi Evans At Daytime Emmys

How do you mix the power to entertain and win Emmys with the ability to help others and change lives? Judi Evans has found a way to enrich and support her fans through her work on and off camera.  Read below to find out how!

We Love Soaps: We were talking the other night [at the Creative Emmys] about the roles you have played on daytime.  I have noticed that all of your characters, including your most recent stint on AS THE WORLD TURNS are women who have overcome adversity and overcome trauma.  How are you able to encapsulate the spirit of someone who overcomes?
Judi Evans: I think we all have things in our life that we have to overcome.  We can all identify with that.  And I’m certainly no different from anyone else.  So to put those things that you have experienced in your life into another character, it all blends together.  It’s just going out there, balls first, putting it out there, and seeing what lands!

We Love Soaps: Do you ever hear from survivors of traumas or abuse about how you have helped them?
Judi Evans: Often.  That to me is the greatest gift that I receive.  That in maybe in some way I helped them get help, or deal, or relate, or be able to face those things and move forward.  It’s nice to have a purpose, and have entertainment serve that purpose. 

We Love Soaps: Along those lines, you are doing that in your other job where you counsel families in grief.  I’m a therapist who works with grief, and has led many grief/loss groups. It’s really important.
Judi Evans: It is.  To maybe be able to give a little sunlight into the darkest days of someone’s life and be there for help them through that is an honor, and gives you purpose. 

-WE LOVE SOAPS TV #43  - Creative Emmy interviews with Judi Evans, Christian LeBlanc, Nancy Lee Grahn, Colleen Zenk
-WE LOVE SOAPS TV #38 - Red Carpet Interviews at 37th Annual Daytime Emmys with Judi Evans, Peter Reckell, Louise Sorel, Lindsay Hartley and Leann Hunley, as well as head writer Dena Higley.

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