Monday, July 5, 2010

Red Carpet Interview: Colleen Zenk At Daytime Emmys

Colleen Zenk stopped by to speak with We Love Soaps on the red carpet at the 37th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards to discuss the ending of AS THE WORLD TURNS, and her new future in musical theater.  Read below to learn more! 

We Love Soaps: You realize I’ve now interviewed you in three different states.  We need to do a fifty state tour.  How are you?
Colleen Zenk: It’s been a week. 

We Love Soaps: AS THE WORLD TURNS stopped filming this week [on June 23rd]. 
Colleen Zenk: That was a very sad day for all of us.  Very emotional, very not cathartic.  It was very difficult.  I still haven’t dealt with the reality of it.  I think so many of us are still in denial about what’s really happening.  And when I get home, I won’t get up to go to work on Tuesday.  It’s just shocking.  I think a lot of us just didn’t deal with it these past six months.  Me, being one of those that tops that list.

We Love Soaps: You and your coworkers are such pros.  You just haven’t let that in while dealing with this process.
Colleen Zenk: It was interesting because just before my very very last scene that I shot, a reporter from TIme Magazine came over and interviewed me.  She said, “Do you mind if I talk to you before you shoot your last scene ever?”  I hadn’t even thought of it like that, I just hadn’t dealt with it.  It’s overwhelming.

We Love Soaps: On a brighter note, with every ending there are new beginnings.  And there are some exciting new beginnings coming for you.
Colleen Zenk: Yes! I start in rehearsals on July 6th for a show in New York called Summer Stock NYC, a blockbuster night of Broadway Hits.  I’m going to be doing in the show everything from Nelly Forbush [of South Pacific] to Charity [of Sweet Charity] to Mame [of Mame].  I don’t know what anyone else is possibly going to do after that, but I’m very excited about that.  We open July 16th.  It’s a short limited run.  And then I go onto the next thing after that. 

We Love Soaps: I’m sure there are very exciting things ahead.  I know from watching you at We Love Soaps Weekend, you blew the roof off! You are so talented and I’m so excited that the rest of the world is now going to have to chance to see this amazing act and amazing singing.  You have so much to give.
Colleen Zenk: Thank you so much. 

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