Monday, July 5, 2010

Chappell Blogs On Set of VENICE

As mentioned in our Red Carpet Interview with Crystal Chappell, VENICE The Series is gearing up for Season Two, and there are some fascinating stories ahead. The show started production today. Press here to follow the amazing Chappell as she blogs and sends videos from the show's set, and shares her experiences. 

We Love Soaps recently asked our readers about paying for their web soap entertainment.  I'm wondering how people feel about the upcoming season of VENICE? Will you be purchasing it online?  What are you looking forward to most in Season Two?  Let us know below!

-Crystal Chapell on red carpet at 37th Annual Daytime Emmys
-Crystal Chappell discusses VENICE with Damon at Day of Days
-Hillary B. Smith (Guya) discusses "smelling" others on VENICE
-Tina Sloan discusses her future on VENICE 
-Tina Sloan: "Changing Shoes" with the Ladies of EMPIRE


  1. Honestly, even with the issues I had with some of the writing for the first season, I definitely got my 10 dollars worth of entertainment. The BTS videos alone were worth it. I will definitely be subscribing for Season 2 too.

    My main wish for Season 2 is improvement in the writing. From interviews and twitter, it seems like the writing is their main focus this go round, whereas last season, publicity and just getting the thing off the ground got most of their attention. I don't want to set my expectations too high, but I'm hopeful, since it does seem like they heard the complaints and are trying to address them.

    I also want to see the Gina/Ani/Lara triangle really heat up and be their front burner storyline. Other web series would kill for that kind of chemistry. Please, don't waste it CC!

  2. Actually, I believe Kim Turrisi is the one blogging.

  3. I'm willing to pay $10 again. IMO, I think the entertainment and storytelling I receive from it this season will be much greater than last (and I loved it last season lol).

  4. I thought the original plan was for season two to be free, is that no longer the case?

  5. Hi Buchanan, Nelson Branco had a quote from CC in his July 2nd Suds Report that they were going to charge $9.99 for Season 2. In a previous interview, she had said they were going to "try" and make it free. I'm going to assume they didn't sell as many 1st season DVDs and Venice Fan Event tickets as anticipated and now need the $9.99 to ensure a Season 3.

    They haven't yet announced the subscription for Season 2 on their official website though. Hopefully they do it soon, so people don't feel blind-sided again like last season.

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  7. They have loaded some great behind the scenes photos, but they really should stop Kim Turrisi from blogging; Her prose don't exactly instill confidence that the writing has improved over S1.

  8. My vote would be a lot less music or at least music without heavy lyrics...its challenging enough to hear dialogue in web series as it is. Personally I think leave the music vids to the fans, or well, musicians doing music videos.