Monday, July 5, 2010

Red Carpet Interview: Nancy Lee Grahn At Creative Emmys

Emmy winning Nancy Lee Grahn, who Tweeted on Monday that she had re-signed with ABC for four more years, is a wizard at using words to express herself, both on and off camera.  But how does she feel about her role in promoting change? And how does she perceive the current Emmy process? Read below to find out!

We Love Soaps: At We Love Soaps, our love and admiration for you goes back to SANTA BARBARA in 1985.  One of the things we do here is cover the history of daytime television, while remaining politically active.  We have always admired your courage for speaking your conviction.  In a world where we sometimes have setbacks for speaking our minds, what keeps you going?
Nancy Lee Grahn: I think that we all have the right to speak our mind.  There isn’t anyone who can ever tell you that you can’t do it, and more importantly, shouldn’t do it.  I think you have to be careful now because there is such an onslaught of media everywhere and so many people saying everything everywhere that you have to take things with a grain of salt.

Nancy Lee Grahn: But it’s not about what you say, it’s about what you do.  And how you participate.  Anyone can say anything, words are cheap.  But it’s about actually participating.  Like us putting our pictures up for NOH8.  Or just putting your money where your mouth is.  Or using Twitter to organize events or try to help someone else instead of just self-publicity.  There are lots of things.  I’m not by any means saying I do this perfectly, but that is my goal. 

We Love Soaps: You are inspiration for all of us.  Are we doing to see you on Sundays at the Emmys?
Nancy Lee Grahn: No.  I didn’t get a ballot.  I have some issues with how the Emmys, as far as actors are concerned, are dealt with.  I think that they could use some work and some revisions on some of the rules.  So I didn’t get involved, I didn’t put myself in for a nomination, I didn’t even get a ballot.  Which I probably should have because I’m a member of the Academy.  I have to participate. This year I will participate and see if I can get them to change.  I have already spent time doing that.  They keep changing the wrong things in my opinion.  Not that everyone doesn’t have their best intention forward.  They are all doing what they can to try to make it better. It just doesn’t work for me.  We’ll see if we can work on it.

We Love Soaps: Well if anyone can be a positive catalyst for change, it’s going to be you.
Nancy Lee Grahn: It’s not in my top 10 of things that I should really spend a lot of time worrying about (laughs).   There are many things more important.  But I think it’s a beautiful thing.  I’ve got mine so it’s easy for me to say.  It’s a lovely night for somebody, especially someone that never got one before.  So I wish all of my friends luck.  I took the last two years off, and maybe will pop back in next year.  I wouldn’t miss this though. The techies, the people behind the scenes are the most important people, so I can’t not come to this.  I come every year if I can.

Watch our complete interview with Nancy Lee Grahn on WE LOVE SOAPS TV #43 Daytime Creative Emmys, Part 3

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