Saturday, July 3, 2010

Red Carpet Interview: Bobbie Eakes At Daytime Emmys

Bobbie Eakes has been entertaining daytime audiences for over twenty years.  But rarely has she been given the respect she deserves for her craft.  This year she was nominated for Lead Actress in the 37th Annual Daytime Emmys.  How did she prep for her heart wrenching scenes? Read on below.

We Love Soaps: You are nominated tonight for Leading Actress.  How are you doing?
Bobbie Eakes: I’m surprisingly very calm, happy, just very grateful to be here. 

We Love Soaps: The first time I interviewed you on Rock the Soap last year, you hinted there was a big twist coming up for your character, and I think the Emmy clip you submitted this year was the twist you were telling me about.
Bobbie Eakes: Yes! That’s right, that was the twin storyline. I come clean with Tad and told him that I sold my twin at birth.  That’s pretty brutal!

We Love Soaps: There are some naked emotions in that scene.  How did you prepare for that?
Bobbie Eakes: I don’t know.  What I usually do for emotional scenes like that is to get in a really raw place in my mind, and I try to stay there all day.  I use things like music to evoke certain emotions and then it really helps when I have to be emotional.

We Love Soaps: What song do you use?
Bobbie Eakes: It changes.  Depending on the situation. 

We Love Soaps: What can you tell us about what’s coming for Krystal, and about the Divas of Daytime?
Bobbie Eakes: Krystal is going to be working a lot with Caleb, so I’m looking forward to doing more work with Michael Nouri.  And the Divas are opening for Charlie Daniels in the Catskills in about two weeks.

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