Saturday, July 3, 2010

Red Carpet Interview: Susan Lucci At Daytime Emmys

We Love Soaps had the profound honor to discuss Emmys, Vegas, and Erica Kane's impact at the 37th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards.

We Love Soaps: I am here with the Emmy winning soap legend Susan Lucci. How are you tonight?
Susan Lucci: I’m wonderful, thank you.

We Love Soaps: How is it for you having the awards in Vegas?
Susan Lucci: I love Vegas.  I was so happy to hear they were coming here.  I thought, “How creative. Think out of the box, and come have a good time.”

We Love Soaps: And Erica Kane had some adventures of her own Vegas.
Susan Lucci: That’s right! I was a showgirl here in Vegas.  That was fun.  I think we need to do that again. 

We Love Soaps: It’s so great to see you here.  We were sad you were not nominated this past year but we hope there will be more coming for you.
Susan Lucci: Thank you so much.  I have some wonderful material and I’ve been having such a good time.

We Love Soaps: What can you tell us about what we can look forward to for Erica Kane this summer on ALL MY CHILDREN?
Susan Lucci: Well Erica Kane has been in a terrible plane crash and she is in the mountains.  But there is a very handsome, mysterious, strong, but cranky, mountain man, played by Michael Nouri.

We Love Soaps: Who many people know from “Flashdance.”
Susan Lucci: Yes, I was always a big fan of Michael Nouri.  He was on DAMAGES, of course, playing Glenn Close’s husband.  He is such a good actor.

We Love Soaps: One of the things I love so much about daytime is how Erica Kane has survive such obstacles and adversities, and you have been an inspiration for so many others to overcome adversity in their own lives, including myself.  I want to thank you for that personally.
Susan Lucci: What a kind and wonderful thing to say to me.  Thank you. 

Watch this entire interview and more ABC stars at WLS TV #40 - ABC At The Daytime Emmys 

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