Saturday, July 3, 2010

Red Carpet Interview: Bradford Anderson At Daytime Emmys

Emmy nominated Bradford Anderson was also a presenter at The 37th Annual Daytime Entertainment Creative Arts Emmy® Awards.  He stopped to talk about presenting awards, being nominated, and Spinelli's summer on GENERAL HOSPITAL.

We Love Soaps: What is more nerve wracking, presenting these awards or being nominated for one?
Bradford Anderson: I would say presenting.  Nancy Lee [Grahn] and I are presenting together.  As we walk out, we have 30 seconds of greeting / ad-lib time.  There’s no Circus De Soleil at this one.  The only entertainment is the people that are presenting.  So I think the idea is that we are supposed to be entertaining in some sense.  So that is more nervewracking.  Sunday is just going to be fun, win or lose.  We get to be in a great town with great people celebrating the existence of daytime. 

We Love Soaps: As we know, on GENERAL HOSPITAL, Franco is coming back to town.  That could spell big trouble of Spinelli. 
Bradford Anderson: It will give him more work actually.  His romantic relationship is taking a backseat to his priorities to Jason. He’s in working mode with Franco in town.  So he’s focused on the task at fan.

We Love Soaps: He’s not threatened by Maxie’s attention toward him?
Bradford Anderson: Maxie’s attention to him?  What about Maxie’s attention to everybody else in town? No, he’s not too worried about it.

We Love Soaps: And how is you leg now?
Bradford Anderson: My leg is better.  No running, no jumping, but other than that I can do just about everything.

-Bradford Anderson at the 37th Annual Daytime Entertainment Creative Arts Emmy® Awards
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