INDIE SOAP BEAT: November 18, 2009

In this week's "Indie Soap Beat" feature, we take a look at the latest happenings from around the world of independent soap opera production. The indie soap revolution continues!

There are only five more days to wait until the premiere of GOTHAM. Martha Byrne's new indie soap in which she stars with Michael Park, Anne Sayre, Maeve Kinkaed and others will premiere on Monday, November 23 at 8 p.m. ET on the show's new website at There will a chat from 7-8 p.m. before the show airs. Be sure to stop by the GOTHAM store and purchase some official show merchandise.

VENICE released an exciting teaser on Monday night which became an instant YouTube smash. Unfortunately, the video was removed from YouTube for some unknown reason but you can still watch it here. In the teaser, the show revealed the premiere date would be December 4. The teaser also included the fabulous "Venice Beach" theme song from Jen Foster. Check out our recent Day of DAYS interview with VENICE producer/star Crystal Chappell here.

PALISADES POOL PARTY explores the world of teens living in the affluent beach community of the Pacific Palisades utilizing a unique brand of storytelling. Check it out and look for an interview with the producers coming soon to We Love Soaps.

REALITY BYTES announced the casting of Ben Hogestyn this week. Hogestyn will play Jacob Kaplan, the BEYOND REASON (soap within the soap) webmaster. In a recent interview with We Love Soaps, Tristan Rogers talked about his hopes for the soap: "We want to mess around with the way the story is being told. We want to employ a few different ideas. It's really important the show has a signature look. It's my idea to shoot this in Florida and shoot a lot of it outdoors. I want to get that Florida look. To attain a look on a show, it requires the director, the camera man, the lighting man, wardrobe, etc. to all be part of it."

The third episode of WED-LOCKED, "Babytalk," was released on Sunday at We Love Soaps recently caught up with WED-LOCKED producers and stars Lawrence Saint-Victor (Robert) and Karla Mosley (Denise). If you missed our video interview, you can watch it in three parts here, here and here.

The season finale of WORKSHOP, "Feel Free To Improv," is now online. The comedy was created by Nate Golon and Kimberly Legg and stars former PASSIONS actor Phillip Jeanmarie. The cast and crew had a season one screening party on Monday night at the Bungalow Club in Los Angeles. According to Golon, the second season is already written so look for details on production and release dates at some point soon.

In the season finale, Adam has a show role to decide on, Vivian has a meeting with a certain Junior Agent, Sarah is starting acting class, Matthew hears news about "Absolute Opposites", and are Jeff and Kaitlyn going to connect after all?

There was no new episode posted this week, but you can watch Episode #7 of FANTASY OVER REALITY, "The Third Hayes," on the show's website.

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  1. Thanks so much for acting quickly in getting the Venice trailer up when it was pulled from YT unexpectedly. Your support for this show and its wonderful group of followers is really appreciated. (from @natjaku and @dogtalesintokyo on Twitter, an Australian fan of you guys and Venice)