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WED-LOCKED With Saint-Victor & Mosley, Part Two

In Part One of our interview with former GUIDING LIGHT stars Lawrence Saint-Victor and Karla Mosley, the actors discussed the new web series they are producing and starring in, WED-LOCKED. In the next part of the interview, Mosley and Saint-Victor offer more insights into WED-LOCKED, share which GUIDING LIGHT stars will appear on the show, and Mosley's passion for marriage equality.

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We Love Soaps: What other GUIDING LIGHT actors are going to appear?
Lawrence Saint-Victor: We have Kim Brockington who played Felicia Boudreaux, Zach Conroy who played James Spaulding, and Yvonna Wright who plays Mel. And we plan to even more come on. Some have shown interest and we love working together, we sincerely do. I can’t wait till the next time I get to work with Danny Cosgrove, and Gina [Tognoni], and Kim [Zimmer] just because it’s so much fun working with them.

We Love Soaps: [To Lawrence] I don’t if you’re aware that when Kim Zimmer was asked at The Paley Museum who she wished she could have worked with, she said Remy!
Lawrence Saint-Victor: [Laughs] I think we can work Kim into the series. I would love to work with Kim Zimmer, she is amazing.

We Love Soaps: I also really enjoyed the relationship between Remy and Cyrus. Any chance that Murray [Bartlett] might be in this?
Lawrence Saint-Victor: I’m game. Honestly, I’m not worried about looking for actors. In my mind I have my cabinet of actors. I don’t necessarily need to reach out because they’re all there and I definitely want to work with Murray again. That was fun! That was a crazy storyline.
Karla Mosley: And it’s also great for us to branch out and bring in our other friends who are also accomplished actors in their own right, and working in other films, television shows, and having them pop up as well. It’s a great opportunity for us all to work together.

We Love Soaps: How many episodes right now are planned?
Karla Mosley: Five. We have five that are going to be launched weekly and we’re already thinking of the next five. And in between each episode there will be little videos that pop up. Maybe interviews, outtakes, so you’re not waiting the entire week for something new. We’ve gotten a lot of wonderful feedback from our promo alone, so pretty confident there’s going to be a lot more.

We Love Soaps: How long is each episode?
Lawrence Saint-Victor: They range. No longer than ten minutes. One is four minutes, one is seven minutes, so nothing shorter than three, nothing longer than ten.

We Love Soaps: Are there hopes or plans to have another season after this?
Lawrence Saint-Victor: Yes. I’m learning so much being married and I think I need to share what I learned (laughs).

We Love Soaps: Are these episodes going to be self-contained, or are there going to be cliffhangers, continuing stories from week to week?
Karla Mosley: At this point they’re self-contained. But there are things that carry through. Like you’ll see something that one character does that will carry through in another episode. Kind of in the way “Seinfeld” would wrap up, but then you had these things that would pop up again, that’s the format at this point. And as they get longer, which is our hope, as the momentum builds, we may see more week to week carry over.
Lawrence Saint-Victor: And with the other things that will be launched in between the episodes, such as blogs an vlogs, even confessionals, those things will be a thread between the episodes. So things in between that are more interactive will carry the audience from one episode to the next.

We Love Soaps: How will you be able to measure the success of this project?
Karla Mosley: A lot it comes from YouTube culture. Thank goodness for YouTube. It’s just that it’s a really easy way to track your following and how much people are watching it, and what the comments are. Also FaceBook, Twitter, [to see] what the feedback is we’re getting. What’s wonderful about the web is that it’s fairly anonymous so people can be brutally honest. Luckily, so far, people have been very honest and very positive. We feel confident it will continue to be that way. I have to say, when I saw the promo, I had to step back a little bit, I really enjoyed it and felt excited about sharing it with my friends and family and I don’t do that easily. If I don’t feel that way I’m not going to share.

We Love Soaps: Are there hopes that at some point with this momentum you will get corporate sponsorship or get sponsors to fund more episodes?
Lawrence Saint-Victor: Absolutely. When the time is right. I like the fact that we’re doing this independent now because we’re setting the groundwork and foundation for what this show is. So by the time anyone shows interest or wants to throw money at us or negotiate a deal, we have a finished package that guarantees a following. So we’re not necessarily saying please help us. We’re saying, we’re already locked and loaded, so let’s go to work or not, because we already have something that’s a sure thing.

We Love Soaps: Karla, you’ve been very outspoken in your YouTube videos about equal rights for marriage. How did you come to be vocal about this cause?
Karla Mosley: I’m very much an activist, I always have been. It’s just the way I was raised. About two years ago, there was a hate crime in Astoria. There’s a large gay population in Astoria, and a transgender shelter that’s a couple of blocks away from where I live. There was a hate crime there. The priest who runs the shelter and three transgender youth were severely beaten. So my husband and me and several other concerned Astorians formed an organization called Astorians Against Hate Crimes, and we held a rally. So that was my first real work in that community. Then, as the marriage issue evolved over the past year, I happened to get engaged. And my husband is white, we have an interracial relationship. It was a big decision for me to get married, I was the one who was dragging my feet. It was really interesting to realize that I couldn’t have been able to make that decision one hundred years ago. I wouldn’t have legally been allowed to marry him. It’s been such a wonderful process, so much so that I’m doing a webseries about being married, the joys and difficulties of being married. I couldn’t imagine not being able to have that choice. I think it’s a right that every American deserves. I just feel very strongly about that.

We Love Soaps: Will this be an issue that will be discussed or integrated into Wed-Locked?
Karla Mosley: We haven’t discussed it. At this point we’re really focusing on Robbie and Denise. But it’s an interesting issue and certainly we’ll see as things go along.

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