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WED-LOCKED With Saint-Victor & Mosley, Part Three

In Part One of our interview with former GUIDING LIGHT stars Lawrence Saint-Victor and Karla Mosley, the actors discussed the new web series they are producing and starring in, WED-LOCKED. In Part Two, Mosley and Saint-Victor offered more insights into WED-LOCKED, shared which GUIDING LIGHT stars will appear on the show, and Mosley discussed passion for marriage equality. In the final part, Saint-Victor and Mosley talk about their fans, and we learn the secret behind Saint-Victor's upcoming Risky Business-inspired scene.

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We Love Soaps: Lawrence, in another interview we did together, you discussed using new media to uplift and change people’s thinking. Do you see this project as doing that?
Lawrence Saint-Victor: Absolutely. I mean, all those reality series about marriage bother me. As soon as the series is over, all those people are divorced. The demographic that reaches out to is like [age] 11 to 30, so what are we telling these youth about marriage? What are we telling these people about a union? It’s not supposed to be hellacious. It’s not supposed to be something that you should run away from or be scared of. It’s work. It’s a partnership. So what I want this to do is to change their minds about marriage, and show them that if you have two people who love each other and are willing to make it work, it’s going to work! And if you have two people who don’t want it to work, it won’t work. But I just want them to change their mind about it. And outside of marriage, give them something to watch, that after it’s over you feel, [sighs], “Ah, that felt good, I feel good.” As opposed to watching it and saying, “Man, what did I do today, I feel horrible!” And I’m not knocking different TV shows, let them do their thing. But over here I want them to feel a little bit more better going out than when they came in.

We Love Soaps: One more important question here, many people have noticed about a second of a very specific scene.
Lawrence Saint-Victor: [Laughs]
Karla Mosley: Ahhhhhhhh....

We Love Soaps: You know what I’m talking about, here it comes...What is this Risky Business sendoff with Lawrence in pink underwear?
Lawrence Saint-Victor: I didn’t write that, that was the director....

We Love Soaps: Come on, give us the tease here. What can we look forward to?
Lawrence Saint-Victor: Basically it’s what happens when a husband desperately wants to please his wife, but has no real idea on how to please his wife. [Laughs] So, it’s him doing everything he thinks he should do.
Karla Mosley: I will tell you that that was one of the hardest scenes to shoot because we could not hold it together. And we’re pretty efficient. When we go to film we don’t mess around. But we could not hold it together, we were a giggly mess.
Lawrence Saint-Victor: Everything that happens after that slide...that slide is just the introduction. It gets really absurd.

We Love Soaps: [Roger] Are these based on real life situations, or are they fictional?
Lawrence Saint-Victor: It’s so weird because when I sat down with Karla and we first came up with stories, we were using the Remy/Kristina character types. So they have a bit of Remy and Kristina mixed through what me and my wife go through mixed with Karla’s stuff...
Karla Mosley: Mixed with stories we’ve heard from others. We’ve been sourcing from a lot of different people, people who have been married for 50 years, one year, ten years, and really trying to figure out, what is this thing?
Lawrence Saint-Victor: I find it’s not something huge, it’s not this big you’re-going-to-leave-me thing. An episode is something as simple as, “Why do you leave the toilet seat up? I fell in!” But that’s a real thing.
Karla Mosley: And that’s the beauty of Wed-Locked. You can relate to it. It’s the little things that are, “Why? Are you really still doing that?”
Lawrence Saint-Victor: And from the man’s point of view it’s like, “Yeah! Look before you sit!” And that’s where the communication is like, “Is he serious? Is she serious?” That’s where the stories come out.

We Love Soaps: I think everything we’re talking about gives a lot to look forward starting November 1st. Will this be on YouTube?
Lawrence Saint-Victor: It will be on YouTube. It will be on WedLocked09 on YouTube. But it will also be at We also have a Facebook and we are on Twitter at WedLockedTweet.

We Love Soaps: Is there anything you would like to share with us that we have not asked you about?
Lawrence Saint-Victor: I’d just like to thank our GUIDING LIGHT fans. It’s been less than a week since we launched and we’ve gotten amazing feedback from amazing people. Thank you guys, thank you for chiming in and commenting in and supporting. We are definitely grateful for that.
Karla Mosley: That was my first [GL] fan luncheon last week. And it was incredible. I had such a good time. It’s wonderful because so often we work in a vacuum. We don’t get feedback, we don’t get to actually see people. So to see the fans, to get to hear their stories, it was incredible. And to get their support for this. That is something that we were hoping to count on, but you never know. It’s been wonderful.

We Love Soaps: A lot of readers and listeners are coping with loss of Guiding Light, of coming home and not having that show.
Lawrence Saint-Victor: As are we.

We Love Soaps: But I think what you’re talking about gives me a lot of hope that something positive will come from this loss. This is where I see grief and loss being turned into a positive, when we can recognize the opportunities that come out of losing a program, or even a person in our life. There is always a way to use that creatively.
Karla Mosley: I believe that. That show was a treasure trove of talent and creativity and it’s just waiting to be tapped. GUIDING LIGHT has been an incredible vehicle and now we can go out and keep spreading the Light.

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