News Round-up: Herring, ver Dorn, Fumero, Barash

Soap Dish: GH star Lynn Herring returns to TV
"I'm playing Henry's mother [Audrey] on AS THE WORLD TURNS," Herring says. "Henry gets flowers and he thinks they're from Vienna," says Herring of her first scene. "He thinks she's coming home. He opens the door, and the look on his face is priceless: 'Mother?!'"

"He tries to get rid of her the very next show," she adds. "Audrey decides, 'How can I get money out of him?' She's in debt. She lives a very high life and owes some bad people money."

INTERVIEW: OLTL's David Fumero (Cristian)
Fumero, who also starred in Manhattanites, was a guest on "Stardish Radio" on Thursday.

On the Patricia Mauceri controversy: "What happened was, she didn't refuse to play it. She just thought she had a better way to play it. It was a specific story, and they didn't really want to change anything. And I guess that's where it all went wrong. I thought it was just for the day. Patricia is like my mom. It was a little heartbreaking. It kind of sucks. I don't think she was against it. Maybe her beliefs weren't track with the way we wanted to play it. She wanted to play it her own way and there was no room for that. That's show business. A lot of times we get stuff we don't want to play, but some of us play it. We have to look within ourselves to find a place we can find that. Sometimes we don't, and it doesn't come across right. I have a lot of respect for her for sticking with her convictions."

No ver Dorn for GL
The September 18 finale of GUIDING LIGHT will feature lots of former stars, except one: ONE LIFE TO LIVE wouldn't let Jerry ver Dorn (Clint) out to reprise the role of Ross Marler.

Burton confirms next project is Dark Shadows movie
Visionary director Tim Burton has confirmed his next project will be the feature film adaptation of the classic vampire soap opera DARK SHADOWS.

Top SAG race still a mystery
SAG's filing deadline for fall elections came and went Thursday, and it remains unclear who will face each other for the presidency. Only Unite for Strength, formed last year in opposition to the MembershipFirst faction led by SAG president Alan Rosenberg, has gone public with its complete slate. Ken Howard will lead the charge as Unite for Strength's candidate for president, and Amy Aquino will run for secretary-treasurer. Unite for Strength also will field 33 candidates from the guild's Hollywood Division for seats on the national board of directors.

Nets making progress in upfront sales
The Big Four nets and CW are finally seeing some movement in upfront ad sales for the upcoming season -- after weeks at a standstill. Early anecdotal reports indicate that the nets have been successful in holding the line against the steep price cuts of 10%-15% that had been sought by many advertisers. Industry insiders said the standoff between the nets and media buyers eased up this week as both sides grew more antsy with the fall season launch barely eight weeks away.

GH mobster headed to Zanies
Fans of GENERAL HOSPITAL star Brandon Barash will have the perfect opportunity to meet the popular actor who plays mob prince Johnny Zacchara this Sunday at 2 p.m. at the Zanies Comedy Nightclub in Vernon Hills. This is the first official fan event in the Chicago area for Barash, who joined the cast of the ABC daytime drama in 2007.

When asked if her might remove his shirt at the event, Barash did confirm that shirt removal on the small screen is happening for the character of Johnny Zacchara on a nearly weekly basis.

"The show has seen a positive response, so I am getting phone calls from our wardrobe department letting me know I need to be in shape to take my shirt off."

Barash was surprised how quickly his character caught on with fans.

"I was surprised because Johnny wasn't particularly likeable in the beginning. He was a little kooky and I really didn't know how the fans were going to react to him."


  1. I may be in the minority when I say this, but I'm not really disappointed that Jerry Ver Dorn couldn't return as Ross. How would they explain his death? Granted his body was never found, but it would be out of character for him to stay away from Blake & his kids all this time. Amnesia wouldn't work for me either. At this point, with GL going off the air, I really don't want flimsy plotlines just for the sake of bringing back a beloved actor/character.

  2. Marc, I don't see how they could have brought back JvD and told any kind of story. But as a ghost, like Fiona's Jenna, might have been nice. Just to get a final scene or two with Liz Kiefer.

  3. I didn't think of that. Good point Roger! How about this for a scene?Blake looking up at the iconic Springfield lighthouse and for a brief moment, seeing Ross at the top; giving her a slight nod as to say, "you'll be okay".

    Yeah, that would have been nice. Okay now I'm bummed! :-(