The Latest in Soap Videos: Todd, Victor, Luke, Mia

Here are some of the latest soap videos to hit the web.

ONE BENDED KNEE: Todd prepared to ask Tea to marry him on Thursday's ONE LIFE TO LIVE. But not before Blair and Tea had a very physical fight.

YOU CAN STOP PRETENDING: Nikki told Victor about seeing Adam kissing Rafe on Thursday's THE YOUNG ADN THE RESTLESS. Victor assured Adam he knew the truth (that he was gay) and he would always be his son.

GRIMALDI SHIPPING: Luke decided to take a job with Damian on Thursday's AS THE WORLD TURNS instead of going back to college, much to his family's dismay.

THE BIG SECRET: Mia revealed to Will on Thursday's DAYS OF OUR LIVES that she used to date Chad, but still didn't tell him about the baby. Later, Chloe flatlined.

- Vanessa Ray debuted as Teri Ciccone (no relation to Madonna, but definitely related to Janet) on Thursday's ATWT.

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