Tuesday, July 14, 2009

GUIDING LIGHT To Donate Wardrobe

Media Syndicate is reporting that GUIDING LIGHT will donate its wardrobe to a worthy cause when the show leaves the airwaves.

This September, when GUIDING LIGHT, the longest running soap opera in the world, goes off the air, the production is donating its wardrobe to Bottomless Closet, a New York charity that helps outfit economically disadvantaged women with clothes for interviews. The nonprofit will receive hundreds of clothes, shoes, handbags, jewelry and accessories from the show's 72-year run.

"Since we film in New York City, it seemed fitting to donate the clothes to Bottomless Closet and help women in our community to improve their lives," said Shawn Reeves, GUIDING LIGHT's costume designer. "High unemployment rates make it more crucial than ever for women to have the right outfits for job interviews and to remain competitive in the workplace."

“We greatly appreciate GUIDING LIGHT's generous donation, which will support our efforts to provide women with business attire so they can interview with confidence and enhance their self esteem,” said Kendall Farrell, Bottomless Closet’s Executive Director. “Our clients will have interview outfits literally fit for a leading lady.”


  1. This should put to rest any speculation of there being an 11th hour rescue of the show.

    Poor Ellen Wheeler, she must feel terrible knowing that GL went down under her watch. Hopefully, she'll write a book explaining her side of things.

    What will happen to all of the actors and crew of this fine show? How many of these people will we never see again?

    Since NBC canceled "Passions," few of its stars have surfaced on TV or film. Where are Tracey Ross, Ben Masterson, or Lindsay Hartley? These three were leading stars on the show with constant front burner performances.

    After GL leaves, what will become of Tina Sloan, Yvonna Wright, Frank D., and the rest?


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  3. It would be nice if Brian Cahill would actually confirm that GL has run out of options.

    but he's too busy choking the life out of ATWT to do it, i guess.

    I hope EW does write a book. I bet it would be quite the pageturner!