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FLASHBACK: 'Another World' The Story of Steven, Rachel & Alice (Part 20)

Steven and Alice married again on May 4, 1974, in a special one-hour
episode that aired on Another World's 10th anniversary.
ANOTHER WORLD: The Story of Steven, Rachel & Alice

The Soap Box
Vol. IV No. 8 August 1979
by Bryna Laub

(continued from Part 19)

Steven immediately removed all his legal business and files from John's office and hired Tim McGowan as his attorney. Tim, not satisfied that John had lost over three-quarters of his practice, now twisted the knife in John's back by calling his remaining clients, implying Steven's dropping John should make them question John's competence as an attorney. Almost overnight John found himself virtually out of business.

With Steven's sentencing on perjury charges only a few weeks away, Alice insisted they go ahead with their remarriage so that even if he went to prison, they would have the solace of being husband and wife again. At Alice's insistence they were married again on the terrace of their home.

On the day of the wedding Rachel was suffering the greatest hurt in her life. She still loved Steven deeply and couldn't let go. In her heart she still believed he was hers and this couldn't be happening.

Steven and Alice's champagne garden reception was marred by the unexpected appearance of a drunk and disheveled John Randolph. Before he could be removed by the ushers John bitterly accused Steven of being a hypocrite who used his money to buy friends and witnesses, anything he wanted, except self-respect.

Steven was sentenced to six months at Berryville, a minimum-security prison not far from Bay City. Alice arrived on the first visiting day to find Steven looking well and actually saying he rather enjoyed the farm work he was doing. But Steven was shocked to see Alice's appearance. She was so pale and thin one would think it was she instead of him who was in prison. Despite his reassurance that it wasn't bad at all, she was morose and depressed throughout the visit.

Rachel soon came to see Steven and announced she wanted the house back for Jamie as he missed it. Steven was furious at her gall and warned her to drop the idea immediately.

As Steven was allowed business visitors he had frequent visits from Jim as well as Tim and soon learned John had hit bottom. He had left Pat and was occasionally seen drunk in seedy bars in the Bowery section of town. Through Sam, Steven tried to throw new clients to John but Tim followed each prospective lead with a report of John's alcoholism and each chance to pull himself up resulted in John's being dashed to the ground again.

Tim made big points in Steven's eyes by arranging for Ada to bring Jamie to Berryville behind Rachel's back. Having had time to think, the boy now admitted he still loved his father.

Gerald was extradited to Bay City and received the same sentence as Steven. Rachel quickly visited her father, telling him she still wanted Steven back. To make up to Rachel for what he'd done to her and to appease his own bitterness at Steven for getting him into this scrape, Gerald began a campaign to make the other prisoners resent Steven for his "extra privileges".

Unable to take Gerald's constant taunting, Steven went for Gerald but the man fell and hit his head on the concrete prison yard. The other convicts who witnessed the accident told the warden, to Steven's disbelieving dismay, that Steven had hit Gerald, causing his serious injuries.

Determined to be a threat to the prison society, Steven was moved immediately to the state maximum security prison facility. Alice was terrified when she couldn't find Steven at Berryville and no one had information about where he had been moved. Her grip on reality was shaky to begin with and this emotional shock almost destroyed her. When she was finally able to see him at State Prison, the surrealistic, grim, gray, foreboding walls and iron bars terrified her. She began to blame herself. If Steven hadn't come back to her, he would be free today.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Stay tuned for Part 21 of Another World - The Story of Steven, Rachel & Alice.

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