Sunday, November 17, 2013

George Reinholt Dead at 73

George Reinholt, one of the most popular actors in the world of soap operas in the late 1960s and 1970s, died after a battle with cancer on November 11, 2013, at the Taylor Hospital in Ridley Park, Pennsylvania. The former soap idol was 73.

On television, Reinholt played Erik Fulda in THE SECRET STORM for a year starting in 1967.

He was best known for originating role of Steven Frame on ANOTHER WORLD in July 1968. He played Steve until 1975 and was part of one of the most famous romantic pairings in daytime television, Steve and Alice (Jacqueline Courtney). Along with Rachel (Robin Strasser, Victoria Wyndham), they also formed one of the most memorable triangles in the history of soaps.

Reinholt compared himself to the character of Steven Frame in a 1971 New York Times article.

"He's aggressive, but not to the point of hostility - until he's crossed," Reinholt said. "I'm like that - very much so. He's plagued by his dishonestly and that I understand because I dislike myself terribly when I don't deal with myself honestly. I despise dishonesty - that and intolerance. These are the big fire alarms with me."

After being let go from ANOTHER WORLD in 1975 after clashing with head writer Harding Lemay and producer Paul Rauch, Reinholt starred for two years as Tony Lord on ONE LIFE TO LIVE, once again being paired with Jacqueline Courtney.

Reinholt returned to ANOTHER WORLD in 1989 for the show's 25th anniversary episodes.

In 1994, he reunited with Courtney again on the CBS special 50 YEARS OF SOAPS: AN ALL-STAR CELEBRATION.

Born in Philadelphia, Reinholt graduated from John Bartram High School in 1958. His parents were George Reinholt Sr. and Beatrice Kilpatrick Reinholt of South Philadelphia and Essington.

Reinholt's acting career began in the theater. After moving to New York, he appeared in the original cast of "Cabaret," as well as "The Grand Tour" on Broadway. His other New York credits included G.B. Shaw's "Misalliance," the original production of "Fortune and Men's Eyes" at the Actor's Playhouse, and an Off-Broadway production of Eugene Ionesco's The Bald Soprano.

He began teaching acting in 1988 with fellow professional actor, Jeanette Hartunian, at Interboro High School and the Barnstormers Theatre in Ridley Park.

We Love Soaps spoke with Reinholt in late 2010 after his longtime co-star Jacqueline Courtney passed away.

"I know death comes to us all but I think she died too young," Reinholt said. "Much too young. I loved her. Truly. She was wonderful to work with. And I think of her often."

Reinholt had recently completed his memoir, "Rogue Actor."

His survivors include his dear friend and caretaker, Ann Marie Lincoln, and longtime friends Ruth Campbell and John Magee, who edited his memoir.

A private service was arranged by the McCausland Garrity Marchesani Funeral Home.

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  1. So sorry to hear of his passing.

  2. Sad news. The passing of Courtney and Reinholt feels like the end of an era. They were largely responsible for helping the public learn more about actors and not just the characters. They were superstars. Reinholt had more charisma than most actors today have combined. I'm sorry most of their work is gone but we certainly won't forget.

    I think I will pause to remember the little scene for AW's 25th anniversary where Rachel spoke to Steve's spirit. That was a lovely goodbye to a daytime legend, when the word still meant something.

  3. What a well written & thorough obituary. Thank you.

    Donna L. Bridges
    [email protected]

  4. My earliest soap memories are of watching AW with my mom and seeing Rachel and Alice battle it out over Steve.

    Then when Steve "died," I remember my mom crying while watching the TV - and from that moment on, the soaps had me.

    They don't make them like that anymore.

    I hope he realized how many people he touched through his work.

  5. I once met someone in New York who lived in Reinholt's brownstone downtown. He said that at the height of GR's fame you could not leave the building because there were so many fans waiting outside to get a glimpse of him.

  6. Wow! I remember watching him on the soaps when I was a teenager. I thought he was a hunk. It's crazy how you feel a part of a super stars life from just watching T.V. I'm curious to know if he has any surviving family. I believe I read somewhere where his mother passed. Well, we have lost a good one. R.I.P

    1. Thankyou for the kind words, I'm Carl Reinholt (56) George's cousin. [email protected]

    2. George was a hoot! Check him out in this tv production, go to you tube keyword george reinholt monsters

  7. So, so sad. Roger, please keep us updated on the release of "Rogue Actor" because I know I'm just one of many who would love to read it. I know he had a troubled life at times; I hope he had found peace by the end. God bless him.

  8. I had a bit part in another play that Reinholt was in (circa 1975) by Wm. H. Hoffman, Gilles de Rais. Reinholt starred as the legendary French mad man.

  9. Very sad news. Sometimes I wish I could turn the soap clock back and have actors like George Reinholt and stories like Steve Frame's on every weekday afternoon. Someone said it: They don't make 'em like that any more. His Steve was a giant. Glad I got to watch him back then.

  10. George was as charismatic as anyone who ever graced the small screen. I was fortunate to know him ever since his tour de force in the Delaware Theatre Company production of "Aim for the Heart" in the late seventies. It was a wonderful two-hander, spiced with creative controversy and George's unyielding insistence on fidelity. He was always
    engaging and edgy, a fascinating story teller. I will miss him.

  11. George was a hoot! I miss him very much, Thanks for all the kind words, George and I had a habit of pulling jokes on each other. The best one was when my Wife and I put the add in the suncoast Newspaper, here in Florida, describing George as a Male Escort, well I sure as hell didn't expect all the publisity. Sally Jessie Rafael, and Howard Stern and Robin, Howard called George early in the Morning, questioning him and tiring to trip him up about the Male escort, episode, but George had great Talent and went nose to nose, with Howard and Robin! I miss my Cuss!, again thanks' to all the great post's, Best regard's, Carl Reinholt, [email protected]