Monday, November 18, 2013

CLASSIC CLIP: Steve Meets Alice on ANOTHER WORLD 1968

Steve Frame (George Reinholt) and Alice Matthews (Jacqueline Courtney) were one of the most popular couples in soap opera history. They first met at Walter Curtin and Lenore Moore's wedding reception in July 1968. Alice was instantly taken with the up-and-coming young businessman and the two of them began spending time together.

Watch a clip below of their very first meeting. The clip also includes their first encounter with Alice's sister-in-law, Rachel Davis Matthews (Robin Strasser).

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  1. Was Rachel already pregnant with Jaime when Alice met Steven for the first time?

  2. She was pregnant with Russ's baby at that point. She was six and a half months along when she met Steve. She actually was taken to the hospital the next day after this and ultimately lost that baby.

  3. Thanks, Roger. That's what I thought, but it's been a long time, and I was only 5 years old, watching this with my grandmother, at the time! But I still remember all this.

    I am SO excited to see this clip after all these years.

  4. Wonderful, wonderful find! Boy Rachel lit up like times square for a sec when she heard Steven owned the Bengals, huh?

  5. I loved the dynamic between Rachel and Alice at this point. Will post another clip later.