Tuesday, July 2, 2013

FLASHBACK: The Love Story of Steve Frame & Alice Matthews on ANOTHER WORLD

The love story of Steve Frame (George Reinholt) and Alice Matthews (Jacqueline Courtney) on ANOTHER WORLD is considered one of the all-time best my many classic soap fans. It started when they met at Walter and Lenore's wedding on July 2, 1968. In the classic article below from Daily TV Serials magazine, their story is recapped up until 1975 when Reinholt had left the soap. Read it below.

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  1. They don't write em like that anymore. Steve and Alice are still the best ever. Such a shame Rauch and Lemay trashed them at the end.

  2. This is classic AW, when all the major families and key characters were well established and interesting to watch. This show was well written and was at its best during the half-hour era.