Monday, August 31, 2015

NEWS: Jason George, Tuc Watkins, Hillary Clinton, Amazon, Netflix, Cuba, Hindsight

Tuc Watkins and Eva Longoria.
Desperate Housewives stars Eva Longoria and Tuc Watkins reunite
Tweeted Longoria, who has been shooting her NBC single camera comedy, Telenovela: "Look who came to play last week! I love you @tucwatkins It was so fun filming with you again!"

Jason George on Grey’s Anatomy Season 12: "They've hit reboot almost”
"The writers have made this extra effort to breathe new air and refresh everything,” he says, adding: "There's a lot of things that make it feel brand new, but it has that lightness and sense of humor that people fell in love with in the first place. And the sexy sexy is back on.”

15 Things to Say When You Haven't Watched Any of the Must-Watch TV Shows
Whenever someone (a date, a coworker, a normal human) brings up one of these shows that you haven't seen, here's what to say to avoid the dreaded, "You haven't seen it! Oh my god! How have you missed that??" and make it sound like you're actually a part of society.

EastEnders: Queen Vic barmaid Tracey finally gets her own storyline
[SPOILER ALERT] The long-serving character, who rarely talks in scenes despite being part of the Walford furniture since 1985, will feature in big scenes later this month as returnee Kathy Beale makes contact.

The Walking Dead is getting an airplane zombie attack stand-alone special
A passenger who survives the attack will join Fear the Walking Dead for Season 2.

Ex-Obama staffer: Hillary Clinton’s campaign will have to deal with her Good Wife portrayal
Dan Pfeiffer, who was the White House's communications strategist up until earlier this year, tells how staffers had to monitor all the TV show comments about the president. "The fake Hillary Clinton on The Good Wife won’t determine whether the real Hillary Clinton wins or loses, but how Hillary is portrayed on the show will affect how some view her — and that’s something her campaign will have to deal with in the coming months,” he says.

Do Netflix and Amazon shows have too much creative freedom?
While traditional broadcast and cable networks are known to meddle with their shows, it seems like there isn’t enough meddling done on the two big streaming services. As Maureen Ryan notes, "I think Netflix and Amazon executives give their creative types a lot of rope, and I’ve often had occasion to wonder is they’re giving them too much rope. It’s common for their dramas to get tangled up and slow down, even at the pilot stage, and in the middle of seasons, Netflix dramas often sag and meander, and ... they take a long time to work up a head of steam.”

"The Unauthorized O.C. Musical" will include Marissa shooting Trey
“You couldn’t do The O.C. justice without doing something with that, so that was one that was really big for us,” co-creator Jordan Ross said, adding, “It spawned a million Internet memes.”

VH1 cancels Hindsight just before it was to begin shooting Season 2
In March, VH1 renewed the time-traveling drama starring Laura Ramsey as a woman who returns to her high school days in 1995. But following a change in leadership this summer, VH1 has opted to pull the plug on Hindsight, saying in a statement: "In this overcrowded and rapidly changing climate, we need to carve out VH1’s distinct place in the scripted marketplace and deliver the biggest audiences possible for our series.”

Cuba drama series in the works
The network-less drama Cuba plans to shoot on-location in Havana, revolving around an "international real estate mogul who returns with his family to the place of his childhood to restore a hotel in hope of capitalizing on Cuba’s emerging tourism business.”

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